Jul 2 2008For The Plushie Trifecta: Plush Guts


First it was particle plushies, followed by microbe plushies, and now, for the win and trifecta, come plush guts. Each organ is about 6"-8" in size and run between $16-$20 (except for the limited edition heart of gold, that one will set you back $30). I personally just bought a backup liver and uterus but was disappointed to find they don't sell my favorite organ. You do know the one I'm talking about, don't you? The spleen, how can they not sell the spleen?

Hit the jump for a bunch more pictures of different organs, including the coveted heart of gold.






I Heart Guts!

Thanks Jesse and April, now can either one of you perform surgery? I've already got the plush liver on ice and everything.

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Reader Comments

They don't make a penis because it wouldn't be anatomically correct. Each guy is different and there isn't enough cotton in the world to re-create the Popadopolis Pusher. Right?!? *puts hand up for high five and looks around*

lol high five yeah wheres the vagina though they would get twice as sales with a vigina

Remember Marge, It's UterUS not UterYOU

#1: everyone's organs are different. You won't find two people with exactly everything the same. Anatomy books paint a 'general' picture but people are different. So whether it's a penis or a brain, or a heart: they'd be different.

I want them all, but admittedly, do not covet the golden heart
*steals golden heart & runs*

they should make them velcro and connect to each other...
then i'd buy them all and put them in the wrong places just because.

If you went out and bought some velcro you could probably do it.

The golden heart looks amazing. IT AM SHINY.

I just bought my mom the brain plushy. She's very excited.

oh sure, they have a uterus (complete with fallopian tubes), but no vas deferens. it's discrimination!

I'm going to get a plush elephant (http://www.imaginationzoo.com/zoo_stuffed_animals.htm) and put the plush human brain it it! Igor, get me my paypal account!

Perhaps they don't sell the penis or vagina plushies because they're not organs...


...but you can sure play them like organs. YES, Hi-5, who's with me!? Anyone? ...anyone?

I am your gastric bypass...

Technically the skin is an organ, so where's the skin plushie?

@10 - time to retake health class. they ARE organs - part of the "reproductive organs".

i think they should have the small and large intestens
anus, right anyone, right?

" Each organ is about 6"-8" in size"... that's what she said

"In three different colors."

Ahh, plushies. I like plushies.

where can i buy these?

They actually give these away at the hospital when you have a transplant. My uncle had a kidney transplant and now has a little kidney pillow. They aren't plushies...but they're cute.

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