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Eye Candy: Geeky Stained Glass Art Gallery


This is a beautiful stained glass gallery of geekdom. That's Vader there, modeled after a drawing by a 6-year old (seriously). After the jump you'll find all kinds of goodness like Link, Mega Man, Einstein, Pyramid Head from Silent Hill, the electromagnetic spectrum, Spider Man, and Master Chief. Hit the jump see them all -- but not hard or they might break. Sorry, a little glass humor there. Here's another one:

There's a stained glass window and a regular window in the same room.

Stained Glass Window: I can see through you.
Regular Window: Clearly.

HAHA HA HA HA AH AHA H AH! I just made that up. I swear, I should really do stand up -- but I love lying down! HIYO! I'm here till 5 folks, make sure to tip your bartender.

Carefully hit the jump for a bunch more, you want to see them. Also, hit the link for a little explanation of each piece.








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