Jul 15 2008Evan, 5, Gets Transformers Cake For Birthday


Evan, a 5-year old from Whoknows, Orcares, got a Transformers cake for his birthday. As you can see, it's fairly well made and features a lead-based Transformers logo on top. But don't eat the figurines, Evan, or your fifth birthday may transform into your last. HAHA AHAH! Seriously though, Evan, I had a real-life Transformer at my 5th birthday. He started off as my dad, but after a bottle of Evan Williams transformed into a guy that made out with the magician's assistant and sat on my cake.

Hit the jump for a close-up of the logo.


transformers cake makes me hungry and jealous [technabob]

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That cake isnt very impressive. Do any cakes with a pop culture reference make it online now.

Those figurines aren't transformers! Those are Go-bots, for shame cake-maker, for shame. and if you think the 5 year old won't notice you are wrong.

I don't remember getting this cake...

"Mom, his face is skewed! What the F***? Do this shit RIGHT, you bitch!"

The Decepticon cake was for his evil twin.

your dad has solid taste in bourbon. evan williams is delicious.

Decepticons! Where are the damn Decepticons!
oh wait...there they are...on the inside of the cake...Just waiting...


what's up with you people - the kid got a nice birthday cake - who cares if it's not the right figurines. It's to show that the parents care for the kid.

I remember my mom used to make rabbits or dolls cakes for my bday, but never something like this...

Ps: Nice blog...

phone it in

That cake is awesome, I'll be 34 in November and damn it I'd be proud to have that as a birthday cake!

Whoknows, Orcares?? I went there on holiday once...wasn't very good and nobody wanted to see my holiday snaps :(

The Go-bots on a Transformers cake is the true definition of FAIL!!

This one is pretty legit.

The logo looks like it's about to sneeze...

better than the movie.

How is the silver done? I'm looking at making a cake like this for my boyfriends birthday

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