Jun 13 2008ZOMG!: Epic Mario-Themed Wedding Cake


Truthfully, we've seen some pretty stunning Mario edibles in the past, but this one might very well take the cake (I'm a stupid a-hole!). At first glance I thought this was a Super Mario Galaxy themed cake, but it's actually Mario Kart (the interplanetary scene is Rainbow Road, check the other pics for a better angle). Wow, just wow. Amazing work. I would have loved to have something like this at my wedding, but I got hitched at one of those drive-thru's in Vegas. It was a McDonald's and we had a hash brown cake with ketchup icing. What can I say, I was marrying a whore.

Hit the jump for a bunch more worthwhile closeups.








The best video game wedding cake ever

Thanks Ray, you're definitely invited to my next wedding (#4)

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f***ing awsome

This must have cost a fortune but God damn was it worth it. I'd pay my manhood and children juice containers for a cake like this. Unfortunately I already sold though for a damn donut . . . to be fair it was a boston cream and the Dunkin' Donuts guy made a really convincing case . . . something about about a cannibalistic cult he was in or something I wasn't really paying attention.

.....Where do you start?

You know Luigi's speeding up the cake to break up the wedding and confess his unrequited love for peach....at least that's how it's playing out in my head.....bored as hell at work......2 more hours.....just 2 more hours.....

This is the first cake posted here to impress me.

Wow. Seriously, I thought the Wii cake was cool, but this one is just incredible. And the prewife loves Mario. I gotta get more info on this!

Wow! I guess we can see how serious this marriage is being taken. I can't wait to see the divorce cake after they wake up from their fantasy life.

Seriously though, I want my cake to look like the Chicago Twisty Penis Buildong.

I thought it was pretty awesome on the main page, but then I checked out the rest of the pics after the jump and am now freaking speechless.

That cake just blew my shit off it's hinges...

I always loved Mario Kart. And since I still have my original Nintendo system, I should really try to find Mario Kart on ebay or something. Although with obsessed as I've been with completing Donkey Kong, I probably shouldn't add such a beloved game to the mix.

But anyway, this is a very neat cake. I still wouldn't eat it though.

hey SmokingGirl, I just parted with my N64 but I still have the mario kart cartridge. If you have any interest in it you can e-mail me @ industrialmagik@hotmail.com. I'll make it cheap as hell since I no longer have any use for it.

I might have to take you up on that, Zyclonis. Although how could you part with your N64? That's like blasphemy...

@8 Mario Kart was for SNES, not the original NES.

I'm getting married next year. If my cake isn't as awesome as this I'm going home before the toast.

fondant = gross.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, they skimped on the wine big time.

Of if they had different wine at the wedding, it at least made the pictures sad.

Lousy multiple iterations:


has the mii pics too.... tsk tsk

I....I know what I want my wedding cake to be now....except it's going to be Guinness chocolate. None of that foofy yellow cake for me, no sir.

that's amazing. that belongs on display in a museum. that cannot be eaten!

Wow love, now that is a cake! And yes blasphemy for the N64 move!

WOW! That cake is awesome, and I'm not even a Mario fan. Kudos to them for not being boring.

Finally, a cake that looks like it's worth the crazy amount of money you pay for those things.

i wish i could get married all over again just so i could have this cake. so sorry i went traditional.

This is the BEST cake EVER!!! So intricate and creative!
AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! This is the cake that bakers should aspire to!

it fits perfectly with this song.

If i ever change my mind about marriage... Those 2 things will make a perfect wedding! ;)

hello lovely cake i wish i had one of those for my birthday but i dont know where to get them from or who can make it


He has GOT to be the luckiest man alive! So that would be what, frappe snow land and Mario Raceway underneath? Masterpiece.

Totally awesome cake! Maybe I can convince the hubby to have one like that when we renew our vows at the 10 year mark.

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What a truly fantastic cake!! Just browsing for inspiration for a Mario Galaxy cake for my son's birthday, which won't be on this scale, but thanks for the fab pictures which I can show my cake maker for inspiration!

I have been showing everyone this pic thru my phone for about 2 years now but never once commented this page.
And I have to day. Im not a marrying type but I would get married just to have this cake. Cause you know it's the family of brides side who genuinely has to pay for the wedding hahahha. I want it. I could even see this theme as a tattoo on someones arm. I don't have any tattoos myself but this would represent my childhood ad my adulthood to a tea ;)

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