Jun 26 2008Sure, Why Not?: Ceiling Mounted Faucets


The Gessi ceiling-mounted faucet is mounted to the ceiling because walls are boring. You control the flow with a little joystick (or optional remote) and they probably cost a fortune. Especially if you don't already have water pipes running in your ceiling. Still, I like them and wouldn't be upset if one of my favorite bars installed them. But I would be if my girlfriend tried to in our bathroom. Last week she was installing a new shower curtain and, long story short, almost burnt the house down.

Gessi's Crazy, Crazy Ceiling Mounted Plumbing [uberreview]

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Although, a small leak or damage from a small earthquake or something causing a leak could ruin your entire ceiling and potentially make your house implode...

But I'm no architect, so how would I know?

Is that Google Inc.'s employee bathroom? I heard that was a nice place to work, but damn! It's either that or a really OCD rich dude's bathroom who has a separate faucet for each season of the year.

yeah, pipes in the ceiling is clearly the worst idea ever. I guess that's why you never see bathrooms on the 2nd floor or above.

Being in the plumbing trade I think that is pretty cool. Although as any "cool " thing can you get parts for it ? I would love to know the price .
my motto : Your shit is my bread and butter ".

Luddites: the buildings I've seen don't have pipes right above parts that aren't the main structure (at least no clean-water pipes). They usually run close to the central structure, I-beams and the like.

But that's just what I've seen.

Technophiles: the buildings I've seen all have pipes right above parts except the main structure (including clean-water pipes). They never run close to the central structure, I-beams and the like.

But that's just what I've seen.

So I hear that the architects were going to spec the have the toilets mounted to the ceiling too, until they remembered that pesky thing called "gravity".

@6 They didn't need to install fresh water pipes you fool, those faucets are actually drain pipes from the sinks on the second floor. Duh. It's environmentally friendly.


having the pipes come from the ceiling is no different than having them come from the floor or the wall. you simply put the bathroom against the "central structure, I-beams and the like", and have the sinks near that wall.

This is an awful, awful, awful idea.

When I am out at an establishment that serves the sort of beverages I prefer, I spend most of my time in the bathroom after having imbibed a rather robust number of them. (I'm sure you're all familiar with the "Breaking the Seal" phenomenon.) In that circumstance, the absolute LAST thing I need is something on which I can bash my skull while focusing my laser-beam concentration on a highly complex task like washing my hands (hey...it takes a lot of concentration in an advanced state of inebriation, OKAY?) The other potentiality I could see is ripping the damn thing right out of the ceiling as I flail around trying to maintain my balance. That sort of buffoonery is what gets one showcased on the FailBlog.

Of course, the kind of place that would install this foo-fooery is probably not the kind of place where I currently would find myself falling down drunk, but once I become the next Tony Stark....

I would shit in one of those

What, no autosensor? Pfft.

I could see a dildo being put on the end of those faucets. Granted, I could see a dildo being put on a lot of things.

This is awesome. Technically it's no different than a shower stall. I could handle something like this in my master bathroom but no other bathroom in the house... I doubt my idiot drunken friends would be able to avoid punching/swinging/kicking/bumping into it.

They have these at Blowfish restaurant in Toronto

You could have seen those taps beautifully installed in the bathrooms of the new Taipei Airport .
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