Jun 23 2008Fire Footbag: Fiery Hackey Sack Surprisingly Not Endorsed By Your Local Fire Department


The Fire Footbag is pretty much a Hackey Sack made out of Kevlar that you douse with kerosene and then kick around until you've burnt the entire neighborhood down. They're similar to these magic balls (but more kickable), and cost $25.


This product is also extremely fun! You will need white gas, kerosene, or 'tiki torch fuel' to light this bag. Tiki torch fuel is does not burn as hot as most other fuels. Do not use gasoline! Use only a small amount and test it first! Overly soaked bags can be EXTREMELY dangerous since excess burning fuel can stick to clothing and/or skin. Keep your fuel source completely away (100 yards minimum) from your kicking area.

Now I'm all about kicking around a flaming turd, but come on -- 100 yard minimum distance from your fuel source? That's a freaking football field. I'm a pretty wild kicker, but I don't think anyone has accidentally womped the hackey that bad. Why not go the extra mile and include a "Do not play with the Fire Footbag in states that sell gasoline" warning. Oh, and it definitely needs a "Only one flaming sack at a time: under no circumstances should you play wearing loose-legged shorts."

Hit the jump for the VIDEO of a guy doing some pretty cool tricks and dropping the thing a bunch.

The Fire Footbag: Most dangerous toy ever? [dvice]

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Reader Comments

I gotta get one of these.

Can't see the vid, but that doesn't matter. What matters is that hackey sack is still for smelly hippies. And if you light the sack on fire, it's for flaming hippies. Someone want to second me on this?

This is just what we need!! Now they can Hackey Sack and Smokeweed @ the same time!!

I'm pretty sure someone will get a darwin award out of this.

"magic fireballs" > this

$25 for something you could (practically) make yourself? I don't think so.

this guy is cool. he wears hat when it's warm outside.

this thing looks cool but kind of scary. what if you put hairspray on it?

I laughed at the flaming shoe. Other than that, it's not that amazing.
I can do the same thing with a pack of tennis balls and a lighter.

I once had firey balls, but there wasn't any flames at all; just a displeasant burning sensation...

What the crap thats real smart

This is really old news. My friends and I have been "fire-hacking" for the past 4 years.

It's not dangerous unless you are holding the it for a long while. It's kinda like put your hand over a candle: you can keep it there for a few seconds without feeling anything, but anyone who tries to touch fire for more than a few seconds is just an idiot.

Is this guy Irish or something?
While I am not discrediting (completely) the guy's "skills," I say "big deal." Why? Because many people can do these tricks...and not some tiny ass hacky sack, but a real futbol:


OLLLDDD!!! I love hacky sack... but this just brings more heat (!) to the game.

Yay! A new way to kill off stupid people! :)

Fiery. Not firey.

just because you can, doesn't mean you should

lets set fire to rosemary and kick her around.

filthy spammer...

Hm .. I bought my first fire hacky sack like 2 years ago and nothing happened since then .. Thing is, you know if you're skills are high enough to play with it, nothing is going to happen ..

Sweetness. I gotta get myself one of these for my hack buddies. I spin fire myself, so my fire is usually connected to me by 2 foot ball chain, but this definitely kicks...foot!

just ordered mine

How do you start a grease fire?

Get a bunch of smelly hippies to play with this thing.

Do not taunt the fire footbag...

You could really do that with any sack..or anything made of some sort of fabric. Tiki torch oil burns slow and not hot at all so it won't burn thru any regular sack if you don't play for hours.

I will taunt anything that involves devolution.

If I see somebody playing with this thing during fire season here in California, I swear to god I will beat the shit out of him.

to 6 : I would wear a hat too if I was playing with a flaming hacky sack.

As a representative of the fire service community, I must confirm that we do not endorse this product. But only because hackey sack is a sport for hippies. And hippies suck.

I still think it would be funny as all hell to see this land and get stuck in the dreads of some stoned out hippie and see them run around screaming.

Next I wanna see a drum circle where the drums are on fire. That would like be totally gnarly brah!

Wow, I can't believe how bitter and unfunny these comments are. The guy obviously is skilled, and half of you can only make lame stereotype jokes. That seems like a much lamer hobby than hackysack.

I think it's funny that these comments claim to be for hippies and potheads. footbag was invented in the 70s and not everyone smokes. don't be so closed minded.
Nice work Gray, hope to kick with you again someday.

Devlolution?? SERIOUSLY? Do you even understand the principles of EVOLUTION? You're implying everyone on earth was once able to do something greater than this. Get a clue seriously.

i hate you all

all u guys are just mad cuz u dont got the balls to play with a flaming hackysac

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