Jun 13 2008The Anger Release Machine Breaks Things


Let's face it, sometimes you're going apeshit and the only thing that'll make you feel better is breaking something. Enter the Anger Release Machine. It's a vending machine created by artists Katja Kublitz and Ronnie Yarisal that's filled with china. You just insert your money, choose a delicate porcelain object, and then watch it smash to smithereens in the bottom. That feels good, doesn't it? Hell yes it does. And so does screaming at your laptop. ISN'T THAT RIGHT YOU STUPID BLUE-SCREENING PIECE OF SHIT!? Oh yeah, that's the stuff.

Anger Release Machine, Spend Change, Smash China [uberreview]

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Reader Comments

Not really the same as throwing lawn darts at the neighborhood fat kid but I like that he's giving it an effort.

Would be more fun if you could break it yourself.

There's two things wrong with this picture. The first is that if I'm going to be releasing some anger, I want to be breaking that shit myself. Second, there's nothing special about Canadian Food.

It is interesting to see how humans are inventing gadgets to satisfy every urge... be it to indulge or to destroy... great information... I'd love to see the machine some day though....

Next they'll have a machine that you put money into and then stick your penis in....Wait, that's a hooker...

By the way, Kudos Geeklogie writer! I haven't seen the phrase "apeshit" in quite a time.

I can't find a link to this, but a few years ago I saw on TV a place somewhere in
Asia where one can rent a room filled with vases, lamps, mirrors, a mattress, etc. For a few thousand dollars, you are given a certain time to vent your anger and smash everything as much as you want; they even showed footage on the news; they described it pretty much as an anger management room... and I think this is more awesome than the idea posted here.

I don't really want to pay for releasing my anger...

I agree with 2, just break the machine!

to avoid blue screens, use macs. You'll never want to hurt your laptop again.

I'd have more fun rocking the machine around till everything's broken inside and the change fell out.

Yeah. Definetly lame that you can't break it yourself. That would just piss me off more. Good idea, bad execution. Like maybe if it came out unbroken and there was like this cement wall you threw it at with a funnel below it for the broken parts.

So what if the item selected gets stuck?

why does the writer keep re-posting these old topics? i've noticed recently topics that are 3-5 days old suddenly appear on the first page again.

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