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Good Freaking Job: Felt Plush Nintendo


Well we've seen plush gaming systems before, but nothing as wickedly awesome as this felt NES. Made by Craftster user blueblythe, the felt was all hand-dyed, stitched, and embroidered. It took about two weeks to complete and features an NES that can open and have cartridges inserted, a controller and zapper than can be connected, and a television with interchangeable Super Mario 3 and Duck Hunt screens. It looks almost as fun as playing the real thing, and probably a lot more comfortable to sleep on. Good job, my hat's off to you blueblythe, as are my pants. WHEE!! *swinging pants around over my head like a helicopter* Uh oh, here comes The Superficial Writer, and from the look of things he wants to join my pants-free party. Quickly, back on!

Hit the jump for a bunch more closeups of the awesomely soft system.






Embroidered Plush Nintendo System [craftster]

Thanks Liz, you think she'll make me a plush Dreamcast to sleep on? Get it -- sleep, Dreamcast? WAHAHHAHA!

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