Jun 18 2008Play 1,000's Of Nintendo Games In Firefox


Well with the drop of Firefox 3 yesterday I've been getting all kinds of tips about the program. And this is one of the awesomest: FireNes. It's a Firefox widget that allows you to play 1,000's of NES and other oldschool games at work through Firefox. It takes just a few seconds to download, then you just click on Tools, FireNes in your Firefox browser. All the games appear in a sidebar and you're good to go. That's a shot of me Blaster Mastering it up just a few minutes ago. Seriously, TPS reports or classic gaming? Exactly. Whoa, did you just see that? What was it? HA! -- it was productivity. It just took a flying freaking leap out the window.

FireNes Download (translated from Spanish)
play any nes game for free in firefox with firenes [technabob]

Thanks Beezy, I hope you're rockin' it out just like the good ol' days

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Bless you, Geekologie Writer.

Oh, and you, Beezy.

Score one for unproductivity!

On a side note, how can I configure FireNES to use a controller instead of the keyboard?

Thanks Geekologie writer, this made my day! If you were a chick I'd totally do you, doggy of course so I could play these games at the same time.

Oh, thanks Beezy. Are you female by an chance?

Firefox 3 for me...and I just get a black screen when I try and load any of the games...anyone else have the same problem?

i too just get a black screen, but i am inept and on a mac, either could be the culprit.


Make sure you have the latest JAVA updates if u get a black screen

That is the most awesome thing to ever awesome in awesome-town.

Updated my java and it made no difference...java.com now says I am completely up to date, and yet still...black screen.

Any other ideas people? This sounds really cool, and simpler than running a separate emulator.

Could it be something to do with DirectX or OpenGL ninjafu? I don't know what else to suggest.

I predict the Geekologie writer will be slacking off with this right in his browser, he won't be able to resist. They had to have Zelda in there didn't they, we'll be lucky to get 3 posts a day from now on.

I dl'd FF3 beta last week and like it, though it seemed somewhat buggy...I suppose it could have been the speed dial add on, but still, less than perfect. Any other bug reports from FF3?

lol blp. Shoot, there goes one of my favourite websites I guess...

...and regarding the DX OpenGL suggestion, I guess something along those lines could be the problem, but I'm a gamer with everything from Mass Effect to Supreme Commander running on my machine (not at the same time thank you...) and I have no problems with anything else...

I haven't had any problems other than trying to figure out what buttons on the keyboard to use for the games.

Awesomeness! But it seems the add-on doesn't yet work correctly for OSX. I can get the games to start, but the keyboard controls don't work. Weak! Hopefully an update is coming.

make sure once the game starts to click inside the box so the game is active. enter is start, z and x are a and b, control or space is select i think.

yaaaayyy!! Now I have to work even less!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's blaster master dilweed


Can get the games but keyboard controls won't work with xp either. What a horrible tease!

If anyone else is having black screen issues (I've looked all over and lots of people are) I've found the fix...

NoScript was the culprit for me. If you check under options and plugins there is a "Forbid Java" checked by default. Uncheck it and everything works peachy. Hope that helps others :)

Fckin ROCK! I havent done shit at work since....

OOOOpps time to go home!!!


this thing sucks in mac....I'll trie it later in my pc

This is pretty f*cking sweet. Too bad already got ZSNES and 20-30 games at work =)

makesure you donks click on the screen before you start hammering at the keys. I have XP and works fine.

So yeah, I click on the box and it stays white saying not responding, and makes me shut down and restart Firefox. I have Vista as well so yeah, any help?

I'm on XP too and didn't have to do anything. I downloaded and installed Firefox 3 after reading this post (didn't know final release was out 'til then) then FireNes. Didn't uncheck no "Forbid Java" option and it worked.


Why download or install something when you can just go to virtualnes.com?

Copyright violation, much?

Also, welcome to two months ago.

virtualnes.com site does the same damn thing! It freezes and makes me close Firefox! And like I said, I have Vista and I can't find the whole "forbid java" thing at all...

I got this a while ago and never played it, because it's NES.

FireMegadrive would be a whole other matter. Not-even-invented FireMegadrive shits all over FireNes.

At first my keyboard controls weren't working either, and I had clicked on the window to make sure it was selected. What worked for me was switching to another window, then back to the game window--the controls immediately started working.

screw nes they need fire64
nintendo 64 yea

Nice, now all we need is a SNES and I'll be happy.
Oh a BTW, first time I've clear first level of Ninja Gaiden II, ever!

@29, that's like saying why have RSS news feeds when u can go to the website. It makes it a bit quicker and simpler to have it right there.

Anybody who doesn't want to use the keyboard controls, and want to set this up to work with a gamepad, search for a free utility called XPadder. It lets you configure any gamepad to emulate key strokes, which not only works for this, but for any program old enough that it doesn't recognise your controller. Set up the game's profile in XPadder, and replicate Start to Enter, A to Left Shift, or whatever. It saves the profiles too, so you can have one for each game. Just open the program, pick the profile, and play the game. Enjoy! :)


What is the name of the game used in the post's screenshot?

@ 39 - Blaster Master

Ifn' you as me, just running a good ole fashioned emulator like Virtuanes or, or for the 16 bit crowd, Kega fusion for the genesis, or zsnes, Snes9x for the SNES (obviously)

I guess i's slightly more complex, but i mean. come on fullscreen, joypad support, and thousands of games that you're likely never to have played...

People translating japenese games you never had the chance to play?

oh. it happens.

it happens.


Found one problem so far in the games: in SPOT(U), you can't add computer players, only human. Weird.

I can't get this to install. Has it been 86's due to copyright and IP laws?

none of the links are working, it seems to have disappeared.

Links aren't working!
Does anybody has the addon?

ninjafu - you're my hero dude/dudette, i upgraded to FF3 a few weeks back and picked up no script plugin in the process and lost my fireNES figured it was something with FF3, but it was no script. thx a bunch!!!!

OMG yesss.

got the xpadder to work and recognise my controller, but firenes doesn't see it. All the buttons and such light up through xpadder and are assigned. Any thoughts?

I have a mac and i just downloaded FireNes but every time i try to open a game a white screen appears with half of a red and gray logo in the top left corner. I've tried almost everything. Could i get some help on getting this FireNes working?

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