Jun 5 2008OLD!: Crow And Tom Servo Debate PCs Vs. Macs On Mystery Science Theatre 3,000

This is a 17-year old clip from Mystery Science Theater 3,000 in which Crow and Tom Servo debate PCs vs. Macs (similar to those new commercials). Seems like not much has changed since '91. I believe they said it best when they sang:

Gamera is really neat,
Gamera is filled with meat,
We've been eating Gameraaaaa!
Shells, teeth, eyes, flames, claws, breath, scales, fun!

High fives to everyone who has seen that Gamera vs. Guiron episode. Low fives and a free screening this weekend for those of you who haven't. Come over around six and we'll get good and drunk and then project it onto a bedsheet in the backyard. You know, drive-in style. But with no actual driving-in -- the Superficial Writer has parked enough cars in the pool already.

MST3K debates Macs versus PCs [boingboinggadgets]

Thanks Nuke -- and no, you can't come over if you're just gonna blow shit up. Okay, fine.

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Ha! I remember this one. Reminds me when Bill Gates said that no one would need more than 512k of memory. Ahhh PC, how I love thee.
Crow still rules!

Look I have a pretty overpriced laptop that doesn't run half of the programs out there. !

But now I can play games because Nvidia made a 8600gt for it! Woo now I can play Quake 2 at 640x480.

Wee. I'm gonna go blog about how my white shirt is cooler then my black shirt when I'm drinking coffee.

Wee blogging. Macs are the best for blogging. They are powerhouses!! Oh and they have the best virus protection ever! (Whats that no one writes virus's for Macs because they are only 2 %) of the market? Well whatever, PC's are dumb and crash all the time! YEA! What PC's can play games that crush X360 graphics and PS3 graphics and speed into the ground. Whatever, my Mac has a spinny gay wheel of color weeee!! It has widgets that give me epilepsy yea!! woo.

It costs more so it must be much better.

Oh crap my harddrive just died. Whats that Mac tech support you don't want to replace it because you say its my fault because I downloaded an open source program and thats why my harddrive died? WTF. Oh well. At least I'm in the cool kids metrosexual loser mac club.

OH and the Nokia N95 makes the Iphone its universal bitch. God what a better phone. Stupid Iphone.

Go PC. Cheaper, Faster, More well rounded. Cooler Looking.

My favorite is the soccer mom who buys the 2000 dollar Mac Laptop to search the f***ing net. I gave my mom a 60 dollar 8 year old laptop and she does the same frickin thing.

I think I had some other points about why macs sucks but whatever.

Congrats on spending exhorbenent amounts of money on a Linux OS tweaked for morons.

"1 more thing - June 5, 2008 12:30 PM

Congrats on spending exhorbenent amounts of money on a Linux OS tweaked for morons."

I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess that the central message of the above clip was not taken to heart. "Why, this posting highlighting the inherently futile and reactionary nature of the platform wars is the perfect forum in which to announce my preferences!"

Congrats, though, on the most creative spelling of "exorbitant" I've seen in at least six weeks.

Gamera is really neat,
He is filled with turtle meat,
We all love you Gaaameraaaaaaa!!!

(Mac OS X is based on Unix, not Linux)

I love MST3K.


OMG...I used to watch MST3K every Sunday with my Dad on the Sci-Fi channel. Oh wow, this brings back so many memories; we would be laughing and making some commentary ourselves all the while eating some delicious breakfest.
I need to buy the DVDs so I can share MST3K with my son. Thanks for reminding me, Geekologie guy. :)

I watched MST3K while it was still on the now ruined comedy channel. In fact, I still remember when there were two comedy channels before they merged into one giant clusterf***.

Of course, I remember when you had to get up and walk to the TV to turn the channel and color was a dream of the future and bubble gum was just rubber with sugar sprinkled on it and Nellie Olsen got paralyzed by a horse sold to her by Laura Ingals....and I don't mean on the TV show...or in the book.

In other words, I'm older than dirt!

I'll spell exhorbeinenit and whatevver the f*** else I wanna spell however the f*** I want to spell it because I have a Mac and it has spellcheck!

F*** yea!


I thought you were Dale!

I recently started downloading all of the MST3K shows and watching them. Currently on season 3. These things are AWESOME.

I'm not one to join in on the futile PC/MAC debate, but I'll casually mention that I'm a PC person myself.

Steve Jobs is an angel, whilst that Windows guys is obviously something else completely... @ 2. a Haiku .
Macs are for smart ones 5
Obviously you are not 7
You have a P C 5

You're welcome.

I f***ed Joel. Mike sucked pigeon farts.

17 years?!

17 years!!

17 years is a teenager with a glandular problem named Cody.

f***, i'm old.

I saw the first Gamera vs Guiron episode. The KTMA one. I downloaded lots of episodes a few years back and the KTMA ones I could get were among them. Never got round to acquiring the newer Gamera episode.

Oh man MST3K, that used to be my favorite show, I was so bummed when it ended.

I use both Mac and PC, but I prefer the PC and I'm an image maker! (other adobe users want to throw up at the idea of using a PC... they don't know their file extensions I guess?)

Duuude! MST3K owned. What was the name of that one goofy guy in one of the Gamera movies...Cornjob? That show was hilarious. Used to watch it with my sister every week. The skits in between the movie clips were almost better than the movie itself. It's all about Torgo.


why don't they keep that show going? the crappy movies are still here. anyone see dragonlance? (i'm not knocking the books btw--i love those--just the movie)

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