OLD!: Crow And Tom Servo Debate PCs Vs. Macs On Mystery Science Theatre 3,000

June 5, 2008

This is a 17-year old clip from Mystery Science Theater 3,000 in which Crow and Tom Servo debate PCs vs. Macs (similar to those new commercials). Seems like not much has changed since '91. I believe they said it best when they sang:

Gamera is really neat,
Gamera is filled with meat,
We've been eating Gameraaaaa!
Shells, teeth, eyes, flames, claws, breath, scales, fun!

High fives to everyone who has seen that Gamera vs. Guiron episode. Low fives and a free screening this weekend for those of you who haven't. Come over around six and we'll get good and drunk and then project it onto a bedsheet in the backyard. You know, drive-in style. But with no actual driving-in -- the Superficial Writer has parked enough cars in the pool already.

MST3K debates Macs versus PCs [boingboinggadgets]

Thanks Nuke -- and no, you can't come over if you're just gonna blow shit up. Okay, fine.

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