Jun 26 2008Love It Or Hate It, It's Still A Steampunk Desk


The Desk Machine is a line of steampunkish desks by artist Dale Mathis. They all have a bunch of gears inside that turn and make you dizzy when you're signing TPS reports.

The desk features dozens of gears of different sizes that all sync together. The effect is such that the entire desk is "running" under its own power. The framework of the desk is wood with oversized rivets and bolts added to complete the look. Also, the legs are designed to mimic the look of swing-arms found on almost every motor on the road. The keyboard tray is also integrated into the gearing system.

Now when it says the keyboard tray is integrated into the system, I assume that means that it's constantly going in and out, effectively making it impossible to type. Which, quite frankly, you don't need to anyways if you can afford a $21,000 desk. That's what your blonde bombshell of a personal secretary (who was hired for her looks and not skills) is for. Isn't that right, you sexy little thing you? Haha, you typed that. God you're stupid.

Hit the jump for a video of the desk in action.

The desk machine by Dale Mathis

The Perfect Desk for Your Favorite Gearhead [inventorspot]

Thanks Deena, the ratty schooldesk I got at the thrift store has never seemed more inadequate

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Reader Comments

The Superficial writer is a blonde?

ha! TPS reports...

It's been a while since a steampunk item has been shown here. I thought maybe someone had died.


dude this desk is like so yesterday.

Ok while i normally enjoy a GOOD steampunk mod, this is ridiculous. DESKS don't DO ANYTHING.there's no machinery to run, therefore stuffing them with a bunch of gears is just some jerk jerking off. But i guess that's the purist in me wanting artforms to remain true to their conception. my $.02

So. You'd have to plug your desk in?

@6 My thoughts exactly! What the heck does this thing do? At least put a little clock in the corner for all those gears to power or something. As it is I would still call this art, but I officially negate the use of the term Steampunk here.

Steampunk is retarded and this desk backs up my claim.

And the irony of it is that of all the lame steampunk mods I've seen, not ONE of them runs on steam! If you're gonna do it, do it right.

I agree with number 6 and completely disagree with number 9.

Also, why did they use SOAD's Mr. Jack for this? I mean really.

"The desk features dozens of gears of different sizes that all sync together. The effect is such that the entire desk is "running" under its own power."

Wouldn't that mean that this is a perpetual motion machine. that's f***ing impossible.

steampunk!! ftw!

Steampunk: This Season's New Black.

Why is no one using the desk?

So... Just sticking some gears inside it makes it Steam Punk?

Doesn't get much tackier than this.

looks heavy, looks like a waste of money. steampunk doesnt make sense

I must have this thing...

Cool items; F***ing terrible music.

I gotta agree with #6 - this thing should either tell time, shred TPS cover-sheets, or circumcise the user.


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