Jun 30 2008Guitar Hero Figures From McFarlane Toys


Thats right folks, McFarlane Toys has partnered with Activision to make a line of Guitar Hero themed action figures. They'll be hitting stores in November (in time for Christmas/robot apocalypse) and will each feature 15-18 moving parts, stand abound 6" tall, and run $10-$15. The figures available will include Johnny Napalm, Lars √úmlaut, the Geekologie Writer, Axel Steel, the God of Rock, and the Devil of Country. Seriously though, I should have a damn action figure. With accessories. Like a blue-screening computer and broken cellphone. Nagging girlfriend and cubicle playset sold separately.

Hit the jump for a look at two of the other figures.


McFarlane Toys Parnters With Activision On 'Guitar Hero'

Thanks Emily and Romeo, and no, I don't use the medicine cabinet as an action figure display case. At least not anymore.

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Reader Comments


And I'd totally play with a Geekologie action figure. Not in a sexual way or anything though. It wouldn't be anatomically correct would it? Why am I asking...? No reason...

For a God he has mighty skinny legs.

Action figures complete with "skinny rocker legs".

Way to go McFarlane, it was tough to pussify guitar hero even more. Now even the toys are panzy asses.

Oh hell yes!
What would be REALLY sweet is if you could send a picture of your mug and they transmorgrify it onto on of these tiny dude bodies...


Last time I check, God of Rock's guitar was white and glowing. WTF is he holding there???

Guitar Hero but no Iron-Man figures....



I can think of so many more action-figure-worthy video games than this.

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