Great, They Learned How To Do It: Robot Sex

June 3, 2008


Paul Granjon is the sadistic bastard responsible for teaching these robots how to procreate. They were programmed with five modes and act differently in each. The different modes follow:

Normal: the robots roam around and run into walls
Sing: the robots continue to putt around and run into walls, but beep occasionally
In Heat: the robots try to find each other so they can do it, once located, they go for it
Sleep: after mating, the male looks for a dark place to nap while the female chases him and attempts to cuddle
Battery Alert: worn out by the female's constant nagging, the male beeps loudly before it dies

There you have it, hit the jump to watch the video, but skip to about 1:30 to start watching the different modes, and to 2:30 to actually see them do it. Just a warning: it's every bit as disturbing as you think it'll be. And not because it's two robots having sex, but because Mr. Granjon is so into two robots having sex.

Hit it for the YCPWAW (you can probably watch at work) video.

Sex Robots Are Less Sexy Than You'd Think [gizmodo]

Thanks Shawn, you smash the male and I'll, uh, take care of the female

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