Jun 24 2008FAKE: Uncontacted Amazon Tribe A Hoax


Remember the story about the previously-unknown Amazon tribe? Well it turns out it's not entirely true. The photographer that took the picture, José Carlos, has admitted that the tribe has, in fact, been known about since 1910. He created the hoax "in order to call attention to the dangers the logging industry may have on the group." No way, José. Now they're probably gonna log the hell out of that poor tribe just to spite you. What you did was wrong. That's like a highschool health teacher contracting STDs to show to the class. It does makes some kind of point, but you can't help but wonder if there was an easier way.

The Not-So-Lost Tribe [yahoobuzz]

Thanks Abraham, they got me too.

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the ugly yellow "M" clown is going to like this news...

Assuming thats a chick behind the archers I would totally tap that. . . for the sake of better understanding the human psyche that is.
I'm going to form the Super Adventure Club, who's with me? lets all quit our jobs and travel the world seeking new and interesting things to screw. I'm a man who has deep set principles and knows what he wants. I wantz the poonz. If you've been blinded by class and my high-falutin ways I do apologize.

@2 just come to Jersey, especially in the summer there's always new and interesting things to screw. Some of which aren't far off from the things in the picture.

I like how this hoax was created because of the effect logging "may" be having on these people. The guy isn't sure, but damned if he's just going to sit there and take things that may be happening. You just never know in this day and age, you just never know.

@3 I'm in NYC, I would totally go down to/on jersey. I'll have to crash at your place though, that is of course unless SmokingGirl wants to split a room with me. . . sweet, hey @3 and geekologie writer, did you just see what i did there? I just totally scored with SmokingGirl. . . at least thats as far as I've gotten with the girls at the strip club. They seem to really like me there.

I'd score with SmokingGirl any day..

@2: when do we leave?

I try not to split rooms with strangers, Julian, but thank you for asking.

I hope you guys have a lovely time in Jersey as you go spelunking into unknown caves. Make sure to wear protective gear though. :)

@ Smoking Girl

But see, now that you responded to me we've officially had a conversation making us no longer strangers. :D Well, if you change your mind I'll be here. . . counting my tons of money and oiling my giant muscles and feeding orphans with diseases. . . and puppies. . . did I mention the Ferrari? yeah I have one . . . I mean 10, I have 10 of them.

whenever you're ready dude.

so random party in Central Jersey I see, since you're from New York I just know you are familiar with seaside, party it up there.

I'm more of a muscle car fan, Julian. Sports cars are nice, and I love that F-1 sound, but muscle cars are where it's at.
Let me know if you ever get a 71 Barracuda, a 68 Mustang, and/or a 69 Charger.

This is the biggest disappointment of the day for me (and it's early yet.)

When I saw this picture, I marveled at the woman painted black, whooping and hollaring along with the chosen warriors painted red. I figured she was some super savage woman, tough enough to ward off the threatening plane with the big boys.

For all I know she could be a Wal-Mart greeter on the weekends. Ugh.


The original batch of articles from a few weeks ago never claimed this tribe was "lost," only that they hadn't been contacted. Now it's being said that the tribe has been known of (in what capacity, we're not told) since 1910. Judging only by their reaction to the plane, it seems possible that any contact they've had with the industrialized world has been brief and/or with previous generations. None of the articles currently making rounds on the web bother to clarify this. Meirelles may have been liberal in his definition of the word "uncontacted," but for the media to now dismiss the whole episode as a "hoax" seems hasty and irresponsible.

When they published these photos the only people saying that this tribe was "previously unknown" were the media outlets that picked up the story. Ie; People like you.

Try to understand the difference between "uncontacted" and "previously unknown". I know it's hard, but I'm sure you'll figure it out.

#12, 13 - um, if they've been known about since 1910 id say their was contact at some point and not a helicopter/airlplane flyover like now.. thus, HOAXAR!

Dear Retardotron,

Some day, I hope to be as good as you think you are.


Apparently the proposition that those pictures were a hoax... is a hoax. Hoax on.


Not a hoax. Read the LiveScience article just posted today:


Okay I like how I basically posted the exact same thing as the person above me. Well I guess I'm guilty of not reading the other responses first! Now the ball's in your court, which link will you click on? I CAN'T WAIT TO FIND OUT! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA... eh.

There are about 25million tribespeople living in this area of the Amazon. I've filmed several such tribes including this group and other genuine first contacts. Groups like this are in fact extended family. When a tribe reaches 30ish strong small family groups will leave and begin another tribe - this is how all societies evolved. Logging is a huge issue - tribes are being pushed around and exposed - like this group in the picture. There is at the moment masses of migration of these people into the open.

The PR worked - this picture featured in almost every newspaper in the World. But will their life change - no. Will countries stop accepting huge amounts of money to allow foreigners to log - no. Last point - is it wrong that these communities evolve? Not up to me. Sorry another last point - 25 million people living on rainforest alone!

I think this NEW TRIBE should be yanked from their free patch of countryside and brought out front and center, to be exploited in any way for the sake of quick buck!! It is painfully obvious that they have lived way too easy of a life and like they say, there isn't anything in life that is free! Time to pay up, BITCHES!!!

I think the article should have read " scientist recently discovered at least 10 people who still haven't ruined their credit"

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What asinine and reaching logic. That doesn't make it a 'hoax'. It makes it a semantic technicality. They are basically not in contact with the western world. The point is to show people these people do exist, despite what Exxon claims. Get a day job., chump.

clearly all if not most people here are westerners and all they care about is fucking these people? My goodness...Re nyetse ma africa waitse. y'all are pathetic. eat a dick to all who think Africans are pussy on wheels. i need to get me a flyemachine (plane) and go to NY and Jersey, track down ur moms and fuck a lil bro/sis out of em fo you! Then u will have a half african sibling and u can do wateva u wan wit em...Yeah? Oh yeah, I dnt knw for sure if this is a hoax or not but m damn sure Survival International blew the whole thing out of proportion and used it to get funding from...here it comes, stupid ass, arrogant mafuckers than wan dip their pencil dicks in anything tht walks. So i affectionately say to thee,Fuck you America and Britain!

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