Jun 3 2008Eco-Friendly Car May Score You Chicks


Listen up guys: it turns out driving an eco-friendly car may increase your chances of getting to touch a woman.

According to a study conducted by GM as part of this year's Challenge X competition:

* Nearly 9 in 10 women (88 percent) say they'd rather chat up someone who owns the latest fuel-efficient car versus the latest sports car.

* Eighty percent of American car buyers would find someone with the latest fuel-efficient car more interesting to talk to at a party than someone with the latest sports car.

* More than 4 out of 10 (45 percent) 18- to 43-year-olds say it's a fashion faux pas nowadays to have a car that's not green or environmentally friendly.

As a public service for those of you that aren't having any luck in the woman department, I've added a few other chick-attractors to the list.

* Tons of money.

* A good sense of humor.

* Listening to them talk about stuff you don't care about instead of tuning them out and playing video games.

* Not living at home with your parents.

* A 10-inch penis.

* Puppies.

* Shoe sales.

* A 12-inch penis.

EcoGeeks get all the girls [yahoogreen]

Thanks Abe, wanna go cruising for chicks in my neighbor's Prius?

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Reader Comments

Hey Geekology writer, you think you're all that with the ladies? You just got served by a REAL ladies man. How do I top you? Easy. I don't even own a car. Hell yeah, you can't get more eco friendly than that. Now if you'll excuse me, I take my victory lap on my three-speed. You call it a bike. I call it my eco wheels of love. Awwww yeeeaaaah.


Yes...let's all smell our own farts as well. I'm sure that's quite the 'female grabber' as well.
As smog depleates, there is a new danger on the horizon; and that danger, my friends, is the suffocating cloud known as 'smug'.
But excuse me, I need to go use some recycled TP. And then I'll take a sponge bath in recycled water, with a recycled sponge of course. Sure, I might smell funny, but at least I'm protecting the Earth. *head desk*

Yeah, SmokingGirl, there's little more avant-garde than rejecting considerate behaviour by attributing your own meaning and pretexts.

You bad kid, you.

GOD, I'm so f***ing FIRED UP right now. SHIT!


Oh, and you are completely Not Irish.

Regardless of what any woman tells a pollster, most of them will go home with the guy driving the Carrera over the guy driving the Prius 9 times out of 10.....no contest.

And ya....gas sucks now....but fun cars are worth it.

Weird, a study conducted by GM found that women will find you more attractive if you buy one of their brand new line of vehicles that aren't selling well. That's just so damn strange.

lol they didn't talk to broads in FL obv

SG, at least cite the reference you're talking about (South Park), you plagiarist you.

But I do agree, f*** all these pretentious douchepops (TM Geekologie writer, see what I did there?), was this "study" conducted in San Fran?

Come on. 83% of all statistics are made up. 97% of all people know that.

Actually, I am Irish (Scottish, English, and Welsh which would be all British Isle which would in turn be all Celtic) and also I assumed that everyone would get the South Park reference without me having to cite my sources.

So, I heard when gas prices rise, more people buy hybrids.
When the prices dip a little, more people buy SUV's.

Seeing as how gas is $4.35/gal here, it's the perfect time to conduct a hybrid car related survey!

Wow, Nat, where are you where gas is $4.35 a gallon? That is just ridiculous.

It's $3.76 here on the Mississippi Gulf Coast...

Gas in Los Angeles is about 4.35 for regular right now

I paid 4.65 a gallon for premium about an hour ago.

I'm with #1 because no car, can't get get greener than that. But if u must have wheels then I point u to Mr. Larry David, owner of Prius for many years and total sex god! Duh, get with it ppl.

Oh man I just read all the comments and nothing has annoyed me more in recent times than Americans moaning about fuel prices. Please come to the U.K and let me give u a tour of our petrol stations to put your prices in perspective and make you happy again. Seriously you'd think yourself lucky right now, we don't dare price per gallon because per litre is horrifying enough.

"Actually, I am Irish (Scottish, English, and Welsh which would be all British Isle which would in turn be all Celtic)".

What you wrote wasn't very clear, but it came across as this:

"English, Scottish and Welsh heritage means I'm British. Being British equates to being Celtic, therefore I'm Irish.".

I hope I misunderstood.

SG, I'm in California, on the coast. I bought myself a bike and now I ride to work. :)

I own a prius and I get more ass than a toilet seat!!!! Seriously! Eco friendly bitches all the way!!

@18, my statement was quite clear. I will pray for your stupidity. Translation: you misunderstood.

I think any car compared to the latest sports cars would win out with the ladies. Why? People with corvettes have small penises. I drive a 1975 Oldsmobile Delta 88, be behemoth of a muscle car. It gets like 4km/l. Not only is it way classy, the chicks dig it.

#9: correct

I own a tuner car (those who have seen it, say it's sporty) (2001 Toyota Camry Modified), and a bike (2007 Trek Portland). I also have what others call a great personality, friendliness, and resourcefulness. Regardless of what I drive/ride women like me.

Hmmm, did GM make a redundant or biased poll? Is the amount of ass a man gets directly proportional the the mileage his vehicle gets? Is GM wasting money and resources on the wrong thing after they had the huge company large layoff of a LOT of employees?

Gas is expensive and if you can afford a gas-guzzler, then do it, otherwise, not many people will continue to buy these cars (which is why GM is losing a lot of money, and so is Ford). Last I checked, gas was $4.15 here, per gallon.

#17: Are you serious? Are you stupid? Are you seriously stupid? If we lived in the UK, we would be complaining about the cost of petrol (yes, in LITERS) that we'd have to pay. We live in the US, and are complaining about it here. It DOES make sense. If I went to a forum based out of the UK, I wouldn't get annoyed with the people who complain the petrol is too expensive. Stop being an asshat.

Well, I think it's more important the others reason than the car... (and have 14-inch penis)...

@17 Ok...yes...petrol sucks in Europe....
And frankly if the Euro and the Pound weren't so stellar right now it would be even worse. I think its like equivalent to 11.70 American per gallon in England right now for regular, and worse for diesel.
Yes...in America we have gas subsidies blah blah blah we have it easy blah blah....your missing the point.
The distance a Londoner (or any other modern European city dweller) has to travel for anything is absolutely tiny compared to many American city commuters.
I live in Los Angeles. I drive HUNDREDS of miles a week. I have to for work because of the personal nature of my job.
We have terrible and slow public transit. Traffic makes gas consumption bad.
So yes... 4.65 for my gas isn't as bad as 11.70. But I HAVE to drive way way more.
Thats why we bitch.

#23 my point is stop moaning about it when there's so many people worse off. The people here need to shut up as well, when the price reaches what it is in Sierra Leone (over $18 US a gallon) then bitch away. People are playing the victim but you know who's keeping the prices high? Those fat bastards I see driving quarter of a mile for a loaf of bread instead of walking. Until they starve the oil companies of money the oil company is happy to keep serving them at high prices.

#25 I get your point but we don't all live in cities and commute a few miles a day. Many of us here work 25 or more miles from where we work. So that's 300 miles a week just getting to and from work.

Mmmmhh. I wouldn't complain.
Here in Europe Gas is now 1,525 euros a liter.
That's 5.772 Euros for a Us gallon (3.785 lt).
And that's, my dear friends, is 9.232 USD a gallon.

Now, try to buy a SUV.
They are something like 30 to 50% more expensive to buy, (the average new SUV is 35'000 E = 56'000 USD) not talking about gas as above mentioned.

That's why we drive Citroen C1, Toyota Aygo or Smarts.

Or bicicles. Or foots. Or sleep the whole day. Even better.

Nevermind how biased this study probably was, but was it even necessary? Obviously eco-friendly chicks prefer hybrids, materialistic chicks prefer Carreras, and some chicks don't care either way. Besides, 'chatting up' is a far cry from getting laid.

I conducted a study that concluded guys would rather talk to skinny girls with big t*** who drive hybrids over fat flat girls who drive Carreras. Guess that means guys prefer hybrids too!

@1: You ever been with a man before? I'm cute, like a woman. I can be feisty, but I'll be gentle, I promise.

...Anyway, hahahah. Women don't like large dicks. It's proven that men with 5-6 inch penises can hit the right spots much better than a huge one. Besides, most of the guys in porn movies are 6-8 inches. They can't get guys who are any larger because... It hurts women.

Suck on that.

Also, about the gas prices: If you want to alleviate yourself from it, be like #1.

"In my day, we used to walk everywhere. And we drank gas. 'Cause we were men!"

nice cars..

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