Jun 6 2008Derrie-Air: Pack Less. Weigh Less. Pay Less.


Derrie-Air is an airline that believes the less you and your baggage weighs, the less you should pays. It's fake and part of an ad campaign run by a Philadelphia newspaper to f*** with fat people.

Philadelphia Media Holdings spokesman Jay Devine said the goal is to "demonstrate the power of our brands in generating awareness and generating traffic for our advertisers, and put a smile on people's faces."

A disclaimer labels the ad campaign "fictitious" and says it is designed "to test the results of advertising in our print and online products and to stimulate discussion on a timely environmental topic of interest to all citizens."

"In other words," it says, "smile, we're pulling your leg."

Oh I'm smiling alright, but only because that's not my leg you're pulling, Jay. You have such soft hands. Hey, I didn't say stop.

Paper runs ads about fake airline Derrie-Air [msnbc]

Thanks to Dan and Matt, one of which better sneak me into their luggage on their next vacation -- or else.

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Reader Comments

derrie air or... 'derriere' is french for rear end / buttocks / booty / etc.

Thanks! I wouldn't have gotten that simple pun without your help.

Thanks professor obvious. You idiot mr dave.

I always thought airlines should actually do this.

The more weight a person takes, the more it costs them

Damn. When I first saw this, all I could think was, "About damn time!"


Frankly, this is a FANTASTIC idea. If you're fat and don't agree... go fly another airline. Fat-ass.

This sounds like a Ricky Gervais joke.

"No! He used up his 32 kilograms on his t***."

Mr. Geekologie. "the less you and your baggage weighs, the less you should pays"


I always thought it was Captain Obvious...

I want this to come true!!! then i would be able to get my anorexic girlfriend anywhere!! i'd leave all my fatty friends for anorexic friends.

And, yeah, this is kinda lolwtf name for a company, whuch sounds like "ass" in french.

@7 Sev - but then it woudnt rhyme all awsome

At least it would keep those four hundred pounders that always get the seat next to me confined to another airlines. The last time It happened to me I ended up sweating along with the woman next to me that had to weigh at least three hundred pounds and needed to raise the armrest between us to be able to sit comfortably. No wait that was on a Greyhound Bus, never mind

I think it's a good idea...it'd be an incentive for those of us who are overweight.

i've always thought if it's fair for them to charge more for overweight, than the underweight should pay less. but probably only because i'm in the cheaper group.

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