Jun 23 2008Custom Aqua Teen Hunger Air Force Ones


I die a little inside every day that I don't post some custom painted shoes, so rest assured that if you don't like them, at least you're not suffering as much as I am. Oh, and you see what I did with the title there? I combined Aqua Teen Hunger Force with Air Force One, a popular Nike shoe. Sure this isn't a Nike, but Aqua Teen British Knights Force sounds stupid. Wait, no it doesn't. Anyway, this is a custom painted Aqua Teen Hunger Force shoe made for someone's birthday.

Artist's Comments:

Aqua Teen Hunger Force from Adult Swim.
The left shoe for Mallery's birthday shoes.

(Kept laces off for better pictures.)

Haha, Mallery -- you only got one shoe for your birthday. Sucks to be you. Just like it sucked being me when I needed glasses and my dad only got me a monocle and an eyepatch.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force shoe [deviantart]

Thanks Karla, I had almost forgotten I looked like a piratey Mr. Peanut growing up

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Reader Comments

boooring.. No more custom shoes plx..

anyone could draw this. it's not good.

Those are some sweet kicks!
Actually some painted shoes would be pretty cool for my wedding.Except my wedding will be on the beach. Do you think I could get painted Flip-flops? Of course they'll have to paint the bottom, maybe paint dog-doo on the left flipper.... It will keep the wedding amusing. As long as the http://prewife.com doesn't know it's all good!

ummmm....those are NOT air force ones. so yeah, try KEDS next time.

Definitely not air force ones. They're a cheap ripoff of some vans. As if custom painted shoes don't suck enough already (although ATHF is pretty sweet).

That's it...I'm painting my own damn shoes.

And it's going to be stick figures doing various silly things.

more shoes.....
*fires nerf gun at head*

definately NOT air force ones. but the paintjob is pretty sweet, not gonna lie.

LMAO !!! the last part was fricking hilarious :) oh, and i wish i had these shoes !!! or even one ... i would be okay with just one lol ... love this show :)

This reminds me of those kids in school who used to write everyone's names on their shoes. Their jeans too. I think they even wrote on their hands. *Shudder*

I think this may be just one shoe. ^_^
kick ass nontheless.

HAHA! I did get 2 shoes!! But the other shoe was Primus. :D

who the f*** actually likes this show? it sucks so bad i'd rather stick forks in my eyes than watch it


i want to know if you can do dragonball z shoes and if so how much?

How much for same dising diff. Shoe?? Oh they are awsom keep your work forget the dumb critss... they just die with envy lol

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