Jun 23 2008Bacon Floss, It's What's For Dinner Hygiene


Bacon floss is $4.95 bacon flavored dental floss. It cleans in between your teeth and leaves you with a nice bacon-y aftertaste. Brush with egg-flavored toothpaste and it's part of a well balanced breakfast. Honestly, I'd actually try some if I ever flossed, but I don't. You see, I took exceptional care of my teeth the whole of my life, never have a cavity, and still got kicked in the head by a mule and lost them all. Life's a bitch, folks -- just like my ex. Plus they both have the clap.

Goodbye Cinnamon, Hello Bacon Floss!

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And eww.

The whole forced-fascination thing with bacon that's parading around the internet is tired and boring.

I have bacon salt.

Love it.

(click my name)

I like it xD
Yayys I'm the numbah 4!

D&D 4 ever!

-Gm keith

I also have bacon-flavored cigarettes XD
They tastes so fukin' good!


OMG. That salt looks amazing. Also, those pictures on their website... they look so amazing. The food makes me so hungry! Ahh. I need to go get some burgers.

What do I need this for? The bacon flavored toothpicks and breathmints are all I need/use.


I live in the UK so I only had the option of getting the 'sampler pack' (one of each flavor)


anything to help get the taste of ass out of my mouth...
Who's ass?
Your mother's, that's who's.

waaait a minute. who else has the clap other than the ex? the mule or life?

hey geekologie writer, you should top it off with some bacon mints


That is sick!

I have about the same reaction to this as I had to those meat-looking iPod cases that were on here a while ago. Why?

Yeah, I've tried the bacon mints...
Pretty much the worst flavour combination ever.
It's like sticking an over-smoked chunk of bacon in your mouth, then using listerine. Sick. Seriously.

'Course, I'm the same sucker that bought coffee-flavoured Trident.


That is sick!

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