All For The Love Of The Game: Inside The Basement Lair Of One Of The World's Most Hardcore (And Likely Neglected) Gamers

June 3, 2008


And I thought the shed I grew up in had poor living conditions. This just goes to show that you should never take anything for granted. This poor bastard is clearly locked in a basement, lives entirely on canned Coke and pot pies, pees in empty one-gallon water jugs, shits in an oversized litter box, thinks he looked handsome in his senior yearbook photo, has parents that steal power (along with gas, water, and whatever the hell else is coming in that wall) from the neighbors, only has a Gamecube, performs emergency medical procedures on himself with nothing but a pair of needle-nose pliers, sleeps with no covers on a towel bed, and really thinks rape sux. Holy shit.

Hardcore Gamer Defined? [albotas]

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