Jun 16 2008A Lilypad For The Flood-Induced Apocalypse


The Lilypad Floating Ecopolis for Climate Refugees is a giant floating city that people can live on when the world floods because Al Gore was right. It looks weird but I reserved a spot anyways because I'll be damned if I live in a flooded house. Unless fish promised to swim around my legs while I watch TV, in which I'd consider it. Similar in concept to the Freedom Ship, this mammoth floater would likely cater to the rich. The architectures behind the design believe we'll need these things by 2100 because half of the world will have disappeared underwater. Or maybe just a third will be flooded, I forgot what they said. Maybe just my bathtub. The most unbelievable part about the whole thing? That they had the gall to include marine life in the picture! HA -- like they'll be anything alive in the oceans by 2100. I know, pretty depressing. Seriously though, I have to have sex with a mermaid before they're extinct.

Hit the jump for a bunch more pictures (including one in which they intentionally made a city look like it's burning even though they're just supposed to be the lights from cars and buildings), along with a link to the project page with a bunch more info.






Vincent Callebaut Architectures Lilypad Project

Thanks Melissa, now lets make our own out of plastic bottles.

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but god promised that he wouldn't flood the world ever again. unless of course, those damn Nephilim make a comeback

So the lilypads are fire proof too? No one is bombing the lilypads? I think I just like to say lilypad....

WTF? Are these things sponsored by Mercedes Benz or something? What is with all of the Mercedes symbols on these thing?

This lilypad idea is just going to become one big lilyFAD. Think about it! When the world floods (which it WILL), a giant frogs will roam the earth from the nuclear waste we dump in the rivers and streams. Do you really want to live on the mating bed of 200ft croaking beasts?!? Yeah, didn't think so.


I'm not sure if this is just really cool, or really lame.

I mean, in a post apocolyptic world where most of the earth is covered with water, do you really think we are going to have some sort of super "lilypad" society? That is just weird. Besides, It's not like humans have ever been able to create something that self sustaining.

Does anyone else look at this and feel like it's just another really bad incarnation of waterworld?

Yes, Duck. Waterworld reinvented through Mercedes-Benz....

Anyone else think this looks like a fuxxing sweet mega-ramp?

Those Mercedes-Benz logo looking things are probably wind turbines for generating energy.

Even if Mercedes sponsored this project, I doubt they would want their logo plastered on it hundreds of times.

Wasn't this Charlize Theron's character's idea on Arrested Development? Mis-tah F!

I like the little sailboat on the left in the main pic...so cute! We all get to live on a giant lilypad in the future! After we f***ed the Earth to death! And we get sailboats to sail around and admire our work! Yay!
I also really like the sky/oil slick. Why does the sky look like an oil slick?

Let's just say that the city burning is L.A. Alright, so if L.A. is burning, why are there still lights on in the city? Why is the water that blue/green if the city is burning right next to it? And what is the point of the floating city if L.A. is not flooded? If L.A. is not flooded, I can only assume that midland U.S.A. also is not flooded...which, in the end, would make this floating city pointless.

Then again, most of the man-made Global Warming rhetoric is pointless, so this fits right in with the template.

Who the hell is paying people to think up this useless crap? Even if we need these things 100 years from now, don't they think we'll be able to design something better by then?

Snow Crash ya retards.

How will it handel against Xenu/Tom Cruise?

So, assuming the apocalypse happens, and the entire world does not go into chaos over who gets seats in those, and somehow those lilly pads manage to leave shore, How the hell are those things supposed to sustain humanity for more than maybe a year. So wind turbines give you power, fish (sort of) give you food. How is it going to protect you from the poisonous air we will have in 90 years, or the loss of sanity for looking at the endless ocean for years on end?

i was going along with it till the last picture there lol
c'mon now, is the city buring with lava?
they can build it dubai when all their man made islands sink

Umm.. How come no one else has noticed that the thing is about 700 feet high on one side and about 30 feet high on the other side. It looks to me like you drop this thing in the water and it instantly capsizes. Yay!

You guys are looking at this all wrong. If rich idiots are willing to cast off in these temporarily-floating death traps, where's the problem? That seems like natural selection at work to me.

Also, does anyone else get the feeling this is something Howard Hughes would have invented had he lived longer?

So thats how Atlantis sunk.

This is about as real as the global warming threat is. By the way, what does a city like that run on? Hope and change?

Fax, don't forget about the changing for hope, the hoping for change, and the change for hope.

Chhhhhhaaaaannnngggeeee...does anyone have any chhhhhaaaaannngggeee? (South Park)

I like the idea of living on a LilyPad. It would be nice to wake up in the morning with dolphins swimming outside your home.

ScribbleWorld Travel Blog

I like it. Too bad we're too frigging stupid to actually plan ahead in any meaningful way outside of making mock ups...

@ 23, I am an Architect, and how do you think we make reality out of fantasy.....mockups. I am sure the thing is self sufficient, they would think of everything if they decide to build it.

You people act is if you just saw your 1st magical picture box, us advanced people call a TEELEEEVISIONNNN


I want one

Oh you silly rich people...

One thing they have neglected to mention about the fabulously well to do; they are notorious for being limp wristed sissies. I will pirate this vessel with ease.

Powered by hope and change?

It is quite obvious that it will be fueled by burning skin tissue riddled with cancerous melanoma, lymph node biopsy remnants , and verbal diarrhea as there is such a steady supply of all recently..

Ha, your candidate is going to die.

100% epic failure it would not flowt

I think this is the same reaction to the whole Y2K thing....

If this flooding happens it won't happen in OUR lifetime...


Yea this kinda scares me this idea..
But it's funny how you guys take it so seriously when their probably not gonna built anyways. Besides it don't even look right , how it's designed. It looks like it would just..sink?..

Give me some real facts and floating technology. Let me grow hemp on this thing and and I'll generate enough food, fuel, and fiber to save the dry world. Give me some marijuana and I'll save the wet world while I'm at it too. Imagine my huge McGanja green arches rising out of the ocean! Artificial reefs, here I come. I'll need some tethered support ideas too. I wonder how long Al Gore can hold the rope while standing on the bottom of the ocean in cement boots. Maybe his tethered internet skills will hold my McDream in McPlace.

check you English grammar and spelling!! There are a whole bunch of errors.

Wow... there will be MORE life in the oceans (by mass) if they warm up than there is now. Just take a look at oceans throughout history, so yeah, drawing ocean life is a-okay. And we won't need lilypads, because a) dykes (see Holland b) 'cause Gore's a lying cocksmoking ass-raping motherfucking son of a whore ^_^

Beautiful, just beautiful.

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