May 13 2008Untooned Peter Griffin Looks Pretty Good


For those of you that never click through to the jump or check out the links I so lovingly provide, you probably haven't seen this. Unless it came to you in a dream or something. In which case I wouldn't trade dreams with your for all the money in your couch. Anyway, this is human-like Peter Griffin from Family Guy. It was an entry in the Reality Cartoons Contest I linked to in yesterday's Jessica Rabbit video post. If you've seen it (and especially so if you saw it by following the link I provided yesterday), then I applaud you, and you get an A+ in Internetellect 101 (yes, I'm going to continue using that until it catches on and I get some credit). Regardless though, this Peter Griffin untooning does bring up an interesting question: can someone get a naked Betty Rubble one to me at least 30 minutes before my wife gets home?

Since today is side-by-side comparison day on Geekologie, I've included one of Peter after the jump.


Peter Griffin untooned [worth1000]

Thanks to Jon, who is qualified to teach graduate level internetellect courses at The University of Geekologie

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Reader Comments

There was no need to go out and photo shop this when a "real" photo of Peter Griffin has been available for years

Au secours !

is it safe to assume that he used john goodman as the base for this one?

poor bastard

his eyelids look weird

Writer guy,
So, if you just spend some time learning to do this, and how to paint 'realistic game characters,' you could just put up your own content and keep disappointing people with tiresome posts in a more timely manner.

it looks alright, couldve been alot better though. just putt some more time into it and stuff.

You know, if I still had a full head of hair and could gain about 100 pounds from my clavicle up, that'd be me in that horrifying, searing image seen above.

I totally dig the testicles for the chin. Ball-chin-guy=sexy

I dont think his hair looks quite right tbh, doesnt seem to be real enough, but its much better then i could ever do, pretty cool

Looks great...but...waste of time where's the one of Lois?!

I do believe the source material for this one was Bill Gates.

This picture cannot extract hte suck from Family Guy.

WTF is up with his right eye?
It extends past his head...

he looks like drew carey.. haaha

This guy needs to do a real Lois. She's hot even as a cartoon.

@11&15 hell yeah LOIS! LOIS! LOIS!

even better NUDE lois . . . yes!!!

@13. Derek "WTF is up with his right eye? It extends past his head..."

that's the effect of coke-bottle eye-glasses. happens all the time in real life. everything directly behind the lens appears larger from your perspective, making the eye appear to extend beyond the head.

It's still f***ing wierd.

#1: I think the links you were trying to use were the following:

I think this guy does them all well.


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This is really good! Now, take a look at my own untoons, they are logos and brands instead of characters:

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