May 12 2008Treadmill Bike Makes My Head Explode


Similar to last week's Naturmobil, the Treadmill Bike is half treadmill, half bicycle, and half ridamndiculous. The logic behind it made my head explode. Now my brain is exposed and one of the cats is licking it. Apparently the bike has been out for awhile, but since I have a penchant for the old, and I don't think it has been posted here before, KA-BOOM!, here it blows. Not much to say except I can't believe that guy is actually wearing a helmet -- the damn thing has a top speed of like 2.5 MPH (and that's if you're running like you want to have a heart attack). Horribly energy inefficient, the bike is also inefficiently priced at about $2,500. But can you really put a price on being the stupidest looking cyclist on the streets? Yes, $2,500.

A video of the bike inaction(!) after the jump.

Run as you cycle with the Treadmil Bike [boingboinggadgets]

Thanks to Pork Musket, the only man in the world who could actually score chicks on this thing

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Reader Comments

The part that kills me besides the fact that this is one of the most retarded inventions EVAH is watch one of the users try to get this on a city bus. I can see the look on the driver's face as this useless piece of crap is being loaded. Either the driver is going to be royally pissed that it can barely get through the doors of the bus or he'll laugh hysterically that someone spent $2500 on this crap. And if it's so great, what the $#@! is it doing going on a bus?

"You can take it on a bus!"
No you can't...

the best part is hearing the guys in the background trying not to laugh their asses off as that douche tries to convince you its a convenient way to get between classes

That shit is a joke. They're joking.

I hope.

So why is this a good idea? I swear some people need to get out into the real world. If you want to run everywhere yo go, then just run everywhere you go! Do you really need this piece of crap to do so?

Do you think you can rollerblade on it?

"commonly found on the earth's surface". Get out! This is actually a SNL short, right?

one foot in front of the other = forward motion. Why is this needed?

@7 oops. my post is redundant. apparently great Freds think alike.

this contraption takes you off the ground, let's you walk, spins some wheels, and let's you move at walking speed.

now that's a stroke of genius. talk about efficiency.

except for i must be on the idiot end of the spectrum. i swear i meant #5. i wish this board had a delete function.

Alright, I'll say it...old. There, I hope you are all happy.

And I could ride my real bike on the treadmill!

This is like one of the Japanese "unuseful" inventions.

hmm... maybe if it helped prevent shin splints it would be a good idea. anyway, i hate tredmills, i don't think exercise could be any more boring if you tried.

This thing is even more retarded than

at least that thing has some entertainment value

Guys, come on, it's obviously a joke, the folks in the video are all laughing the whole time...


An outdoor treadmill has already been invented, it's called f***ing walking.

probably some school project.

I read your description, and it didn't seem that bad (I wasn't thinking too deeply on it). Then I watched the video and my head exploded.

Is it your own joke that you pretend not to get that this vid is a sorta-lame joke? Neither is very funny.


Clearly folks, this is a joke.

Treadmill bike = walking but with less zing, oomph, pop! and more retarded...if it were real. Interesting video. I like the quotes: "You can take it on a bus" "you can carry it up the stairs" etc. Great one

Actually, I know a girl who knows the girl who made that commercial. It was part of a school project. It was filmed in Waterloo, Canada (not too far from Toronto).

This is bit like a bird flying an airplane.

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