May 2 2008Steampunky Watch Also Looks Coat Hangery


I don't have much information about this steampunky watch, so we'll just make it up as we go along. Let's see, it looks like the designer has a real penchant for coat hangers. Oh, and it looks uncomfortable to wear. That said, I'm sure it's a real attention getter. But mostly "oh my God, I think that poor guy broke his wrist and made his own brace out of coat hangers" attention. But hey, all attention is good attention in my book. And that's why I always scribble my number on the urinal dividers at truck stops.

One more picture of the timepiece after the jump.


Steam Punk Watch

Thanks to Patricio, a natural attention getter, for the tip

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Earlier this week I said that anything done well steampunk style is cool... this my friend is not done well.
It looks like they had this watch without a strap so they decided to devise a makeshift strap out of coat hangers, a few bolts and some extral leather tiestring they had laying around. wtf?
Anyone else notice the face of the watch is off 90 degrees? I guess that would be cool if you had your eyes growing out sideways from your head. Otherwise its all around a bad design.

coming soon to geekologie - steam punk painted shoes!!!

i'll give you $0.50 (check or money order) if you go a month without typing the word 'steampunk'

Steampunk sucks!! At least this one does...

In the words of my friend Daniel, "Just because you made it doesn't mean it's cool." ...dick

Worst of all, this design doesn't even remotely look Victorian or antique, which I thought was the whole point.

Don't you think all that metal is gonna screw up that little compass from the book bag zipper fob?

what's the big deal with steampunk? it seems like it's everywhere now. i saw a steampunk condom!

They've Gone 2 Far now. Anyway there's nothing cool about the Victorian era, I don't why some people (like my dad) wish they could live in it, they had the plague, Jack the ripper and open sewage in the streets.

The plague was not during the Victoria era. The Victorian era consisted of cholera, influenzia,syphillis, an overuse of the practice of hysterictomies, and death caused by constantly wearing a corset. Also, many of our modern day STDs fully came about in the Victorian age; probably because of the sexual oppression that people were forced to adhere to.

So thank you, Victorian era, for being a repressive, oppressive, and distressful time for all involved. Weeeeeeeeeeee.

P.S. The watch looks ridiculous. Just plain ridiculous.

i love steampunking

I like steampunk and even I find this to be an utter piece of crap. It has no style... at all. Brass colored metal bits and that weirdass leather grip thing does not make it steampunk.

Steampunk is yet another stupid internet trend. All this means is that someday I'll be at a hotel and some obese idiot in a tophat with a Nerf Maverick painted gold will annoy me while looking through a monocle.

Isn't the point of steampunk to take things that weren't around in the Victorian era and Victorianize them up, with a touch of magic/fantastic flare?

Wouldn't a steampunk watch just be a classy pocketwatch? Clocks were already powered by gears and levers back then...

hm...i have to agree with james, for the most part.
i generally like steampunk. this, however, is not steampunk.

It's totally punk'd

Notice I spell like Ashton Kutcher, for he is god incarnate

Clotheshangers, ayy? Maybe this style should be called hangerpunk or closetpunk. Cause hangers go in closets, see?

Nah, I think the phrase craptacular sums it up best.

Too much copper wire. Get rid of the wire and the padded wrist brace and it would actually look pretty cool.

Oh... dear.
This really does nothing for steampunk cred 0_o
The actual watch face is rather tasty... but not quite right!
I can see where they were going with it... perhaps they had a bit of a temper tantrum?

As previously stated... craptacular!

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