May 19 2008South Korea To Build Robot-Themed Parks By 2013, Destruction Of Human Race Ensues


I question how a robot-themed amusement park is going to complement the future Seoul Eco-Commune of 2026, but whatever, they didn't ask for my opinion. Besides, if the robot parks are a success, Korea won't need an Eco-Commune in 2026 because everyone will be dead. Robotic destruction prophecies aside, the South Korean government plans to build two robot-themed parks near Seoul by 2013. The $1.6 billion venture is all part of a program to position the country as the world's robotic mecca. Other initiatives include placing a robot in every household by 2020 and a recently drafted Robot Ethics Code, which lays down the law as to what constitutes robotic abuse, etc. Yes, I'm being serious.

The government of South Korea is drawing up a code of ethics to prevent human abuse of robots--and vice versa.

The new charter is part of an effort to establish ground rules for human interaction with robots in the future.

"Imagine if some people treat androids as if the machines were their wives," Hye-Young Park of the ministry's robot team told the AFP news agency.

Hye-Young, I have no idea what in the hell you're trying to get at. Are you saying that treating robots that way would be a good thing or a bad thing? I mean it's not like I want to have sex with them, I just want somebody who can cook my eggs over-easy for once.

A picture of a chick and a robot having a slap fight after the jump.


South Korea to Build Robot Cities by 2013 [weirdasianews]

Thanks Mikal, I'll be sticking by your side when the robotic waste hits the fan

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Reader Comments

The $1.6 venture eh? shits still pretty cheap over there then is it?

Wow. Two robot theme parks for $1.60?

Jesus, I might get a few for myself

Aren't they also building a robotic 'jurassic park' in Dubai o.O? Unfortunately it will cost them a fair bit more than $1.60...inflation is crazy in Dubai :(

Mr. Geekologie, Park is the guys last name and Hye-Young is actually his first name

i would pay to watch that slap fight.

ooooohhh ^^ so it would be like I,Robot. Except with Asians :D coolnessssssssss

isnt that the picture of robot city from the animated movie "Robots"

I would like you all to take this seriously!

Humans don’t know what they are getting themselves into! Its opening a very big mechanical tin of robot worms! I won’t rest until I stop these robots! If we keep laughing about it and having sex with robots and not taking the matter seriously we could all be enslaved and even used as batterys to power the evil ‘borgs! I’m going to start by making a film to open everyones eyes. It’s called E=MCRobot. Look out for it and wish me luck! I’ll report back soon! In the mean time don’t befriend anything that has a microchip for a brain!

Got to go! We don’t have much time!

Good luck everyone!


I am in full agreement with Bryce here. Has no one actually watched the Terminator? We are biting off much more robotic madness than we can chew. Everyone knows you can't chew any robotic madness.

I have heard about this movie, and I really hope it makes an impact on people. It's starring Daniel Day Lewis and Daniel D Waldron, isn't it? Quite a line up!

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