May 7 2008Designer Guns Great For Gaudy Tramps


Couple one of these guns with a designer gas mask, and you're guaranteed to be the tackiest thing trying to run in stilettos during the coming robot/zombie/candied yam/werewolf/douchebag/vampire/lobster apocalypse. Created by Peter Gronquist for his art exhibit "The Revolution will be Fabulous", each weapon looks god-awful. That said, I'm sure they'll sell like hot cakes. Oh wait, they have.

Gronquist's show opened last night at Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles. The pieces ranged from anywhere from a few hundred bucks to several thousand and several, such as the Louis Vuitton chainsaw, have sold.

This is just crazy. Anybody who actually bought one of these things should be locked up for having absolutely no theology or geometry. Well, except for the guy that bought the golden Louis Vuitton chainsaw -- he sounds cool as shit and writes this blog.

Hit the link for a TON more name-brand weapon ridiculousness.









Screw perfume, buy her a Chanel rocket launcher [dvice]

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I... He....



Good lord.

ok what the hell. wheres the sniper???

alright, sign me up for that chanel rocket launcher.
it will look great with my lil black dress and gold stilleto heels.
hell yea

Uggh, they're not even that good.

Oooh, look at me, i can take a company's logo and slap it on an assault rifle. Wow, my art is SOOOO deep.

I get "Fashion equals death" or close to it.... It is deep if you really THINK about it...

I don't know Sophie... maybe it means death is fashionable? Either way Sophie, I think I love you and we could be internet soul-mates. sweet. Internet soul-mates; who wants some toast points to celebrate this happy day?

I'll raise my glass first **takes sip** Here's to us!

Who would have thought geekologie was really e-harmony? <3

What? No GTA IV version? Cmon - get your artz right.

This is what happens when they lift the "Don't Ask Don't Tell" policy. FABULOUS!!!

Lets play a game! Shall we?
Guess how many endangered butterflies had to die before the gun at the top of the page could be FABULOUS!

I'm still laughing my @ss of at Sebastian, wanna go shoe shopping, sweetie?

#1 took the words right out of my mouth...ironically.

it's not every day you see an ignatius j. reilly quote in a blog.

maybe this is the best blog ever?

they sure look fun but this is not art.

The Russians probably ordered a caseload of each. And paid cash (obviously).

the chanel one looks like something you'd use to artificially inseminate a cow.

That Gucci is an obvious knock-off.

I like the grenade. It looks like a very deadly golden Pac-man

dude no worries if i was rich i would totally buy this shit too. in a heartbeat

i wanna get that for my gırlfrıends bırthday

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