Music Video: A Tour of Mac Operating System

May 22, 2008

This is a music video made for "Again and Again" by the Birds and the Bees. It's basically a tour of a Mac's operating system. Some of the programs included in the video are:

• Capture • iTunes • Microsoft Word • Photo Booth • iChat • Stickies • Photoshop CS3 • iPhoto • Fast User Switching • Mac OSX Zoom Tip • Finder • Spotlight • Quicktime Player • Stacks • Quick Look • Desktop • Screensaver • Dashboard • Dashcode • Illustrator • Final Cut Pro • Exposé • Time Machine • iMovie • Spaces • Windows Media Player for Mac • Flip4Mac • Flash CS3 • VLC Media Player • Shake • Mplayer • DVD Studio Pro • Real Player • iDVD • Color • Screenflow • Cinematize • Safari • iTunes Store

Pretty neat. But what would be even neater is if I could figure out what exactly that chick wants me to do to her again and again? Is it the pterodactyl? Because if it is, she's in luck -- I never get tired of that. But if it's something lame like rubbing her feet, she can forget about that shit. The Geekologie Writer doesn't do feet. Foot fetish people give me the creeps. Now armpits and the back of the knees -- those are respectable fetishes.

Music Video Is Complete Mac OS X Leopard Tour

Thanks to alex, who uses few words in news tips and is a real X Leopard in bed.

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