May 6 2008Luncheon Meat With Faces Just Tastes Better


This is some delicious pork luncheon meat. With a face. As you can see from the sign it's 80% pork and 20% something else they figured wasn't worth mentioning in the product description. Which means it's probably the most delicious lunch meat on the planet. I mean, 20% mystery filler AND a kid's face? That's a recipe for yummy if I've ever heard of one. I would have downed the hell out of this stuff in kindergarten. Speaking of which -- back then they wouldn't give us dessert unless we ate our whole meal. So you'd have to sneak the nasty stuff to a portly kid or stuff it in your socks when the teacher wasn't looking.

Another picture of Builder Bob meat (and I mean that in the most unpervy way possible), after the jump.


tombland's photostream [flickr]

Thanks to Pork Musket, who's definitely gonna need a pork cannon if he wants to fire this shit

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Reader Comments

mmmm.... pork....

think I'll carve out a hole in the mouth, and have my way with that meat. and by "have my way", I mean I'll put a fried egg in the hole, and make a tasty sandwich

This is old! I used to eat this when it was called Billy Meat about 15 years go! Nutritious stuff.

This is old! I used to eat this when it was called Billy Meat about 15 years go! Nutritious stuff.

@ anon - I think you mean Billy Bear. The finest sandwich filling in the whole of the Great British Isles:


billy roll! the first time i ever saw this face was in a comic for my friends "space rock band" the warlords of pez.

We had this in Germany when I was a kid in the 70's

its a known fact they make the different colors by using a varying amount of assholes in the mixture

20% BSE!

Omg I used to eat Billy Bear meat. I fricken loved that junk. Surprisingly I don't eat meat at all anymore...

I didnt know geekologie specialized in bringing old as hell pictures to our attention

how disapointing

I'm pretty sure this was invented purely so people could do their Silence of the Lambs impression... *draping luncheon meat over my face* Tah-dahhh!

Thomas the tank engine luncheon meat is the way!

Judging by the currency mark (33p)its from the UK. Im from the UK and thats been out for years!

The other 20% is turkey. I hate turkey. This stuff is the bollocks though.

Not only is this old in general but it's definitely been on Geekologie before, I remember as it was one of the first entries I ever saw when I originally started viewing the site a few years back.

I'm always seeing comments saying "OLD" "seen this before" "been on geeko before" and never seen the fuss, but now that it's happened to me I feel violated.

Oh jeez, this is a blast from the past! Haha, billy bear! That's the stuff of british childhoods!

@steve if you didnt know geekologie specialized in bringing old ass pictures and news then you havent been reading that long have you

FYI Geekologie is not only exclusive to the UK and US. Us people living in other countries (no, the US is not the world) might not have heard of this stuff before and its just quirky fun, no need for the fuss about how old it is.

mmm. I thought Billy Bear was only around when I was a kid, but I popped to the shops recently and brought some. F***ing delicious shit. Like crack ham.

Must be a European/UK thing....

Here in the US we just threaten our kids with violence to get them to finish their pork.

dude its freakin cocunut monkey meat

Wow, I've seen this in the UK and you know, I always just PRESUMED it was an american import! I apologise, US of A.

He's called Bob The Builder, he was a kids tv phemenon a few years back...
and now they are litteraly canabalising him.
This is the very reason I love life.

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