May 20 2008I've Seen It All Now: The Whiz Freedom


The Whiz Freedom is a horribly named "urine director" for women. First of all, I didn't know there was even a market for "urine directors", but secondly, now that I do, I think they should change the name of this product from Whiz Freedom to Fake Penis. Because I think that's what it is.

The Whiz Freedom preserves dignity and liberty whatever the circumstances. It gives women the choice to wee wherever and whenever they choose.

Aside from allowing women to wee in a standing position, sitting down or lying down, the Whiz Freedom can be used in confined spaces such as in a car, a kayak, a small airplane or glider (you're up there for many hours), in a tent, a sleeping back, while chained to the stove, or while caving.

So ladies, if you're looking for the perfect $30 urine-soaked accessory to add to your purse, look no further. The Whiz Freedom -- Enabling women to pee like men since 2007.

A commercial for the thing after the jump. I don't want to ruin it for you, but it's a scene that I'm all too familiar with.

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Thanks to Bryan, a man with such a powerful stream he can pee into a tornado and not get any splashback

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I guess you've never heard of Kevin Smith, the original urine director.

Ehhhhhhhh...yea, no thank you. But then again, I don't suffer from penis envy. However I'm sure someone from NOW is going to pass this out at their next "if only we were men" conference.

Woooo, woman empowerment can be yours with a nasty piss-soaked piece of crap. Yippee skippy, I'm free at last, free at last.


Dignity. Yeah...

What if he was in to that kind of thing?

What would she have done then?

I don't really feel like the ability to pee lying down that this gives you is much better than the one we all have without grinding a silicone funnel. That doesn't mean it's not worth doing once in a while. I just don't think you need to pay for it. I love doing laundry.

But being able to get relief while chained to the stove or while caving, now that's worthwhile!

Well, a lot of these kind of thins are sold to travelers who go to rural places in other countries. In a lot of places, they just have like drains in the floor that you use the bathroom on top of. So it would be useful in that situation.

What was the middle part again? I pull this eyesore out of my purse in a crowded bar, go whiz with it in the men's bathroom and then PUT IT BACK IN MY PURSE? A bargain at $30

"Thanks to Bryan, a man with such a powerful stream he can pee into a tornado and not get any splashback" OMFG that's funny!!!
I'm laughing so hard, I need a good urine director right about now

This is ancient in all fairness!

Back when I went to Download festival in 2006 they were selling these like mad because women couldn't be arsed to queue!

...a purse? What for?

..a quick 180° and the thing is stored!


yeah, that kinda thing has been around for a while. saw them (though much less stylish) in a camping store years ago. so we don't get poison ivy when peeing in the bushes.

I have seen this too but the one I saw was made of cardboard and they come in packets of like five. you throw them away after use. Not keep it in your purse.

A kayak, who the hell pisses from a kayak. Even guys don't piss from a kayak.

What does dignity have to do with peeing anywhere you want? Aren't you suppossed to use the bathroom to, I don't know, respect the street and trees around you? I though peeing there was only a privilege of the drunk and homeless.

@14 Jesus! You had to go and get me started on "The World Owes Me A Living" homeless people. Yeah, they pee where ever but only after they sleep in. There's plenty of jobs - I was all for the radiation sponge thingy several weeks back - but they don't want to turn down the free health care.

They should have called this thing the P.U.D. (Personal Urination Device).

Any woman who needs a device to pee standing is WEAK.

so this concept has been around for a lot longer than this thing you show here. p-mate has been around for minimum four years, because i remember making fun of it in school.

old news. check out the shenis. it's even more disturbing.

yeah market it to the f***ing whores

@ 18: I remember making fun of it as well. I actually remember making fun of it back about the time I went off to California & that was about 1997, so it's been around for at least about 9-10 years.

Yeah, I recall hearing that some concert venues (I think in Australia) give those out from machines, like tampon dispensers, to shorten the women's line.

This sooooo belongs in an adult bookstore. lmao

This is old, but directed at FTMs.

There are better, more realistic ones that cost about the same, too. That's kind of... err. Worthless, let's say?

Besides, if this were targeted at women, it doesn't make any sense... unless she has broken legs and it's hard to sit, but that leaves me with the question... Is she peeing in the men's bathroom?

Also: That is the most epic commercial I've ever seen.

o ya, these are awesome! am i the only chick who has ever needed to pee while not near a bathroom? its so much easier to pee standing up than hovering your ass over the ground while you try to keep from falling onto the spot you just peed on.

o i have to include that this usually happens after alcohol is consumed and caring about emptying your bladder becomes more important than where.

i SWEAR i JUST thought of this last week! i invented it in my head all by myself! and then it manifested as The Whiz Freedom. i demand a percentage.

Well, for those of you that don't know, It was originally intended for women to use while hiking, or camping way out in the nether regions. That's where I first saw them, on sites for camping equipment.

Did anyone notice the use: "While chained to the stove"? Now, do they mean literally chained to a stove?? Because while I'm cooking dinner, I usually can take the time out to go sit on a toilet. And where would you stop to pee in your kitchen?

My best friend bought me one of those for Christmas, she always tries to buy the most random presents possible. It was fun explaining it to my boyfriend's mum...thanks Cat (:

This thing, I guarantee you, was invented by a man.

The device was actually devised in 2005 by Jbol Ltd. An innovative urological device company in the UK, the concept actually came in aid of mobility impaired users and wheelchair bound patients in hospitals. It is so helpful medically that the Whiz is even available on prescription (UK so far as I know).

Once you've had to squat in the woods to pee, and came home to find a tick on your butt, you'll understand what a god-send a product like this is!

And this is hardly the first product of its kind. There are several varieties of urine directors on the market. I think this one is the best, however, simply because it's very clean and very easy to store.

There are also many women who have mastered the "art" of peeing standing up with no devices at all. It only takes a little bit of practice (though I've seemed to have a more difficult time getting the hang of it, for some reason). Peeing standing up certainly does not have to be solely the "man's domain", and there are many women who are very thankful they don't have to sit on germy, dirty public toilet seats, or completely expose themselves so they can squat outside.

I have this and love it. I'm in the Army and it lets me pee in the woodline rather than having to walk a hundred meters to be out of site. It's also great for north va rush hour traffic that sometimes leaves you stuck in your car for 3-4 hours at a time with no where to go to the bathroom.

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