May 22 2008Hand-Drawn Zelda Themed Shoes For Sale


So a money making scheme came to me in a dream last night: 1. Buy $5 canvas shoes from Wal-Mart. 2. Lock my little brother in his room and make him draw Zelda scenes on them. 3. Scotchguard the shoes so the marker doesn't wear off and post the resulting artistic novicepieces on Etsy for $42. 4. Watch the doubloons roll in.

Now I know what you custom painted shoe haters are thinking, "Damn, these ones are actually freaking awesome!" And you're right, they are. And I'm not just saying that because I'm the one raking in the dough. Although I'm just saying that because I'm the one raking in the dough. And no, there's nothing wrong with my little brother. He was dipped out of the same kiddy gene-pool that I was, which means he's practically a genius. Aren't you little guy? Stop eating that marker. No, you can't breathe the Scotchguard. At least not until I try it first. *HUFF* Holy shit little bro, you gotta try this!

Two more pictures after the jump, and no I didn't really make these and you definitely shouldn't huff Scotchguard. Leave that to the professionals.



legend of zelda shoes for all you little link wannabes [technabob]

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Reader Comments

Looks like something my 4 year old daughter colored.

Better then the other ones. Still bad.

Better than the Marvel ones by a long shot, but still... not nearly as good the Ninja Gaiden and the Melee pairs.

if you put one more pair of ugly ass kickers I'm gonna kick ur ass

Uh'o, I'd better get my counter out for this one.

Banana slippers! 4,990

this pair is only a little better because its easier to draw the older videogames...
both pairs suck.

More freaking shoes.

The only thing that would make these craptastic shoes not craptastic, is if Zelda came with them.

DOES Zelda come with them??

Definately pot inspired.

Ok, I've read some comments and HOW are people saying these are better then the other ones? THIS LOOKS LIKE SOMETHING I WOULD BE ABLE TO DO DRUNK. Seriously, it looks really shitty.

....could'a at least put Link on there somewhere.

Also, Scotchguard is ok, but I prefer Jenkim.

Enough already for the love of god with the nintendo hand-drawn shoes.

It's like the spongebob episode where he keeps ripping his pants in new and exciting ways.

This was drawn in Sharpie, what a 'tard. Sharpie is not intended for cloth and fades pretty fast.


I'd pay money for them!!! but im a loser :P

who love s zelda far too much

these shoes are brutal :D:D:D
i would definitely buy a pair :)

Hi there,
Ugh, I liked! So clear and positively.
Have a nice day

at front side, makes me remember old nintendo game.
It's neat enough

i have a boutique here in Nigeria and i will like to purchase some items from your company.

i want you to send me the bill for 10 pairs of this selected item.

Hand-Drawn Zelda Themed

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