May 30 2008Freaked Out And Pissed Off: Uncontacted Amazon Tribe Photographed From Aircraft


From The Gods Must Be Crazy 3 department come these photos of a rare uncontacted Amazon Indian tribe. As you can see, they're none too happy about the flying apparatus that's come to kill them all.

The photographs of the tribe near the border between Brazil and Peru are rare evidence that such groups exist. A Brazilian official involved in the expedition said many of them are in increasing danger from illegal logging.

Of more than 100 uncontacted tribes worldwide, more than half live in either Brazil or Peru, Survival International says. It says all are in grave danger of being forced off their land, killed and ravaged by new diseases.

Now was it really necessary to scare the everliving shit out of the tribe by buzzing their village? Couldn't we have gotten some satellite images or something? This just seems wrong. Now they probably think their gods are mad at them or something. Shit, I'm gonna have to head down there and straighten things out aren't I?

UPDATE: poison-arrowed in the face...fading fast...tell my wife I love her and have one last burn the shoebox in the bottom of my closet -- under no circumstances should she open it...afterwards tell her I've always hated her and she burnt her inheritance.

A couple more pictures of the pissed off tribe after the jump.



Rare uncontacted tribe photographed in Amazon [yahoonews]

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Reader Comments

Oh god thats f'in priceless

damn! and i thought i was original painting my body orange and bringing my bow n arrow to work today!!! now i got these chumps showing me up

uh, flying over them and taking pictures IS contact.

the bitch in black, I'd SO hit that!

it looks photoshopped for some reason - why is one grey and the other's hue intesty wayyyy up glowy orange

That was hilarious... I had just finished going through that story on the Yahoo news after checking my mail, clicked my "Geekologie" link button, and BAM... there it was again.

There's the Yahoo story. This isn't fake... I'm not sure what to think though.

Wow. And here it is on the BBC. This definitely can't be fake.


Okay, yeah. I read about this on Yahoo this morning, but thank you Geekologist, for taking it to the next level.

I dont know if it is real uncontated tribe... Here in Brazil, all indians are kidnapping white people for get attention about what they want (a place to live). So I think this photos are something like that... They showing their angry with white people.

About the colors, quote from BBC:

They have also painted themselves with the red dye, urucum, commonly used by tribes in the Amazon. It is made from the seeds of a fruit similar to the horse chestnut. The seeds are ground into a paste to form the dye.

The body paint is most likely a show of aggression, possibly in response to the plane's first flyover.

The black figure may be a woman, although it is impossible to be certain. That this person is not carrying a bow hints in this direction. The black body paint is called genipapo, and is made from fruit. Like the red dye it is likely to be an aggressive display.

now I know where Oompa Lompa's are from.

Genipapo is so hot this year. It's like Lacoste in 2005


was it totally necessary to scare uncontacted tribes with what they can only assume is a giant, flying death-bird?

and sure, after seeing it flying above, it makes them aggressive. and whoever tries to make contact is killed...

I do hope this was an accidental discover and not some idiotic way of studying them.

Where did they get the spray on tan if they've never been contacted?

The flyover was apparently conducted to obtain evidence of their existence. Unscrupulous loggers have been saying, "What tribe? There's only lumber out there."

Oh come on...this is SO staged!
I'm sure I can see tyre tracks in one of the pictures.

Exciting and sad at the same time. They probably know of a plant that if eaten would make "us" less stupid and more peaceful. m-


Hey guys! Meet our Goodwill Ambassador, Paris Hilton!

LOL "The black figure may be a woman, although it is impossible to be certain"-----------like if they could have been a little attractive they might have gotten some respect. But NOOOOOOO -

@17 They don't have any peace-inducing plants: I traded them some magic recycled plastic bottles for them. I am using the peace plants to get high.

I'm just wondering...

1) Who wouldn't be upset by all the noise if you lived in such a quite, serene place?

2) The black one is the female? Go figure... a sign of beauty, huh? Doggone western media propaganda! I knew that all along!!

and 3) How in the world did this story end up in the "Gadgets" section? Atleast at this point, we see that our view of native people hasn't changed much in the last five hundred years...

Thanks, folks!!

#14: um...I don't even know what to say. "asshat" fits.

The story's true.

Most uncontacted tribes live in Brazil and Peru, but there are many in other parts of the world, continents such as Africa, & Australia have a lot as well.

Why are they still stuck in pre-colonization Canada levels of evolution?

I suppose it's real given the legit sites the story has appeared on, but I too think it looks photoshopped. It makes me fear for my ability to distinguish reality from fantasy, if image manipulation has progressed far enough that I think I see it even where it doesn't exist.

see the Mayans and Incas didn't disappear they were just hiding

Someone has to contact them to tell the orange ones to lay off the f***en carrots. Seriously, bad for the liver.

Yay, Im from Brazil (hmm, never mind, I shouldnt celebrate coming from that ass of the world...)

you know, that's pretty f***ed up to fly over people in helicoper who have never even seen one before! they must be scared shitless, they don't know what it is...

@25: Um, Mayans still live in Mexico, Belize, and Guatemala. You're damn right they didn't disappear.

#25: it's the Mayans who had their empire mysteriously disappeared. The capital of the Mayan empire was/is Tikal, which is in Guatemala. The descendants still are around in the four lands Mexico stole from Guatemala (Chapas, Tabasco, Quintara Ro, & Campeche), and parts of Belize (traces in El Salvador & Costa Rica).

So do we all really think that there is no life other than our own in this univers. . . We still dont know everything or its creatures on this little planet.

Nah REN, tribal peoples often paint themselves for various reasons. It's very common.

That's not a lost Amazonian tribe, people. That's the lost Verizon guy and his crew. Turns out he found a place where whoever he was talking to couldn't hear him.
"Can you hear me now? ...Good!"
"Can you hear me now? ...hello? Frank. Frank, are you there?"
*looks around*

I would suggest ramming the helicopter into their grass huts and setting it on fire. That would give them the message that they are f***ed now that we, the rest of the world, have found them.

I think I'm gonna head down there and proceed with my plan for world domination. First step: get a small country and/or tribe to worship you as a god so they can build you a pyramid to house your doom laser.

Ir wasn´t staged.
The brazilian federal bureau that handles these sort of issues flight over theses uncontacted tribes twice a year in order to make shure there are no illegal miners or loggers.
They said they´ve been doing so for the last two decades, but only now they decided to reveal some of theses tribes.

Is it possible they have WMD's?

W say's "Nuke em all!"

Reality show on FOX coming this summer

Looks at those apes, hehehe.

Just kidding, I've been thinking how I would react if suddenly an Alien camera came over me and took pictures of me.

i thought i heard like a week ago that this was fake after all. maybe that they're a real tribe but that they're not undiscovered or something like that?

fake yahoo had to admit they got fooled....some treehugger trying to raise awareness about logging its all bs

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