May 20 2008Cyclepong 2.0 Combines Cycling And Pong


Cyclepong 2.0 (don't even get me started on Cyclepong 1.0) makes you work out to play Pong. "Put simply, the inventor created an arcade-like installation with a pair of exercise bikes, an LCD screen and customized software that enables a pair of individuals to pedal forward and back in order to move their pixels." If you want to take a pedal at it yourself and live near Suffolk, England just head down to the Southwold Pier and look for a guy wearing trackpants and a sweatband. Damn, I really wish I could give it a go. I mean, what could be more fun than exercising and playing Pong at the same time? You know, besides absolutely anything else.

A couple video demonstrations after the jump.

Cyclepong 2.0 beautifully weds exercise with Pong [engadget]

Thanks Shawn, whattya say we get together and play some Cyclepong 1.0 (aka table tennis on bikes) this afternoon?

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Reader Comments

OK, that the same video.... twice. Its kinda cool because the second time you watch it the guys playing look even more gay than the first time you watch. really watched those?

wow i actually do live in suffolk!

what's nerdier, that or these katz:

I belive this defeats the purpose of video games... maybe?

This looks like it was ripped straight out of Triplets of Belleville.

I like the greengrocer grass detail!

Turn the screen 180 and put some recliners in front of it. Some homeless people can pedal the bikes for green electricity. Put them out on the sidewalk in front of a cafe.

Really if you're going to do this, short shorts, headbands and tube socks should be part of the required dress code.

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