May 16 2008Crazy Automatic Mario Level Set To Music

So I was unaware of this, but people hack Mario games to make them play automatically when the game starts. Like you don't need to push any buttons, Mario just starts with some momentum and he plows through the level thanks to its intricate design of bumper blocks, etc. They're pretty amazing, and I posted a couple more after the jump, but this one is particularly neat because they made the sounds match up with some techno song playing the background. The video is 11:00 long, but the first two minutes are the best. But hell, watch the whole 11:00 if you want, just don't come asking me for a life refund. I'm still trying to get two and a half years back from an ex-girlfriend.

A couple more (shorter) automatic Mario levels, without the techno, after the jump.


Thanks Darren and Rhiannon, we should really get the band back together

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First !

any one else recognize hare hare yukai around like 1:00 in the white level part?

God I love this auto-run levels. I really admire the work that these folks put into these hacks to make work just right... and because I'm such a huge honking nerd, they're a joy for me to watch.

*gushes all over the internet* Someone get a janitor.

I'm so psyched that there are dudes spending all their time hacking video games for no reason , because in the meantime, I am out having sex with all their girfriends....wait a minute....oh yeah....

is this a new age of rube goldberg machines?

That was hypnotizing. How did it manage to play till 5:45? I do want a life refund.

I think you were being generous saying the first two minutes, it's more like from 20 seconds to 50 seconds really.

After seeing this, I've realized I've wasted my entire life. I should've been hacking SNES games. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to make some wicked F-ZERO porn.


No, there's really great moments in the entire video. Even way after the 2:00 minutes.

I watched the whole 11 minutes. Its extremely well synced the entire way through. Sometimes, he's playing with the main theme, sometimes he's simply providing background. But I couldn't find a single place where it was "out of sync". So I think it might be a case of connection speed.

Also, the last 5 minutes becomes a techno megamix of Nintendo themes. Mega Man, Mario and Final Fantasy amongst others are all in there.

In honor of all these old timey video games I've got an even older game for you to play Mr. Geekologie writer, it's called: Hide and Go F*** Yourself.

Psst: The Superficial writer guy told me to say that.

i have to agree with val. i watched the entire thing and i think it's completely awesome. i liked the last part when the pace picked up again. hah

I totally sent you that link. . . :o

That is the theme song and dance to Haruhi Suzumiya, the same song as this crazy flash mob street dance in Akihabara, Tokyo. It amazingly gets broken up by two (2) street cops.

The Lucky Star theme song is also in there somewhere.

I want my 2 minutes back! :)

wow! i could not stop watching that--so amazing. it must have taken someone a lot of time to do that.

I noticed a bit from the Mystic Forest in Super Mario RPG as well... That was pretty awesome.

dudes spending all their time hacking video games for no reason , because in the meantime, I am out having sex with all their girfriends....wait a minute....oh yeah....

Wow...nice videos...I hated marios I could not go pass the 3rd level...this automatic mario is cool bro.

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