May 20 2008Coca-Cola Vending Robots Spotted In Japan


So apparently Coca-Cola has these oversized robotic bastards lumbering around Tokyo and pinching the heads off anyone that doesn't buy an ice-cold Coke from its cooling chamber. Has anybody seen one? Do they actually walk around? Is there really just a person about to pass out from heatstroke in there? Has anyone tried knocking one over and prying its change receptacle open with a flathead? I need answers. But what I don't need is a giant robotic vending machine in my neighborhood. I do like Coke though. Who I don't like is Dr. Pepper -- I think that creep tried to touch me when I was under the gas.

coca-cola robots invade japan [technabob]

photo [flickr]

Thanks Steve, lets go robot tipping sometime

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Why doesn't this come wit the tag "OMFG WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!"? Seriously, look at that thing. Never mind those claws that'll toss your lifeless corpse like a rag doll. It's Coke! That's what they use to shoot off those Mentos fountains. I'm off to Antartica to hide after the Vending Machine Robot Revolution. See ya, suckers!

so i take the coke from his receptacle? that's so goddamn naughty

What if you dont pull out a coke when you reach in there?

Take me with you Jumping J, Take me with yoooooooooooooooooooou


Obviously this is just another attempt by our soon to be Robot Overlords to lull us into a false sense of security.

Those big pincher claws ain't for working at super cuts.....I think.....

*sigh* I prefer Dr. Pepper...warm, ice cold, opened for about an hour, doesn't matter it's still delicious.

I'm a pepper,
you're a pepper,
everyone's a...
Dr. Pepper.


Agreed with Smoking GIrl

Dr Pepper kicks Coke's ass, I've been drinkin' that peppery shit since I can remember!

And when my dentist said to stop drinking coke, I asked whether I could have Dr. Pepper and he said it's better than coke ;D

get a new dentist.


If I saw a big vending machine walking towards me, my natural instinct to run and scream "Kill it!! Kill it!!" would probably kick in.

Say it is a robot...what if it just keeps walking...or takes your money and runs away o.o

Point of spelling / grammar / style:

Stolencheese got it right; there is no period (.) in Dr Pepper.

In fact, it was not a doctor who invented it; but a pharmacist, who we all know rule the world.

As for the machine - who cares, it's f'ing bad ass!

Wednesday 5/21/08 7:55am...Coca-Cola robot vending machine becomes self aware. likey your comment.

I love the expression of the little girl (?) on the left. It's like she's never seen something so advanced as a Coke dispensing killer robot of the apocalypse. Gee, little girl (?) where have you been?

All I know is that this morning I was working on a computer that had fried because someone spilled their coke in it. Maybe the robots weakness is in it's self. Kick that Ass Hat and watch him fry!!!!!!!

Oh my god, the works gonna end.
Video Of Said Robot Shooting out cokes.

all it's gonna do is kill us with high prices corn syrup.

kill us, with fatness.

Are u stupid???????.....

I want ...I neeeed to see the video

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