May 28 2008Bubble Man Bedroom From Mega Man 2


This is the bedroom of a Mega Man fanboy who painted it look like Bubble Man's level from Mega Man 2.

This is what the bedroom of my old apartment looked like. Three months of measuring, stenciling, painting, and retouching well spent!

The guy that did it also does covers of Mega Man songs, so you can go to his myspace music page here if that's your scene. If that's not your scene we could always just hang out in the food court at the mall and make fun of people. Now don't get me wrong -- I love Mega Man just as much as the next kid who grew up in the 80's and whose parents used the NES as a babysitter, but this just isn't for me. Zelda bedroom, sure. But I think we can all agree a Zelda themed room would be the baddest ass thing ever, and wouldn't handicap your chances of scoring with the ladies. This one probably does. Dude must have a member the size of an RV.

Hit the jump for a few more pictures, including night mode.




R.I.P. Bubble Man Bedroom [photobucket]

Thanks Romeo, I'll sucker punch Tybalt the next time I see him

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Reader Comments

so that's where virgins sleep

This is pretty awesome notwithstanding the whole.... not getting laid thing.

the art work is impressive, must of took long sexless hours to complete too. Some people just really dont have anything better to do I guess. I'd rather my kid be getting in trouble with the cops constantly then have to come home to see him paint his room like this. You know his father is either 1) a Dork also or 2) hanging his head in shame hoping maybe his daughter will play football.

*sigh* Again with the he's-not-getting-any-because-he's-a-huge-nerd comments. Not going for originality, I see.

I, for one, think this is rad. Not only did he pick an awesome theme, he did a great job creating it.

I hated those spiky balls.

@4 - Rod, did you just say (type) Rad?

Now i can see why you'd be offended by the 'not gettin any sex' jokes!


The disco lights are a nice touch. I'm guessing the glow sticks, pacifiers, and Happy Hardcore music come separately.

It looks good from a distance, yet then again it looks like the wall paper was torn off. Maybe if another scene was chosen it might of looked better. The black lights with the illusion bubbles are comming out of it, is kind of overdoing it a whole lot.

Needs more -Actual- spikes on the ceiling that cause instant death.

Funny how a lot of people make the whole 'not getting laid' jokes. You must remember, there ARE females out there who LOVE nerds and are probably bigger nerds than this guy, but just don't want to admit it. He'll get laid (if he already doesn't). He just has to find the right girl with a garage for his RV.

i married a nerd. . .

but seriously, i love him and it's cute how much he obsesses over d&d, magic:the gathering, and nintendo

i wouldn't mind a room done up in a nintendo theme, but i'm with the geekologie guy. zelda would be cooler.

Psst- I'm a girl, I think this is hot! The fact that he took the time to create something and took more time to do it right? This is awesome- I'd rather turn a room into a Sonic Pinball theme, or one of the darker levels of MegaMan X... GOOD JOB!

I couldn't do that. I would have an instinctive urge to never jump in the air or reach up to change light bulbs.

If he's cute enough, I'd do him in that room. It's a turn on!

I'm a female and I rather think that room would actually help get him laid. It's both extremely nice artistically and full of win from a gaming stand point. Fanboys are extremely adorable in my opinion too. I hardly see how this room could be a bad thing. Totally a turn on. Great game as well. Better than Zelda.

You silly males and thinking that there aren't any females out there who like geeks, nerds, and gamers. I'd rather have some fun with the guy that painted the room than you who's making fun of him. Tsk.

Dude to top it off he has the old Chuck face from old school Incubus! God they were so good back then. Now... we have Light Grenades....

Umm. Going to have to totally agree with Lykaios here. I am a girl (I think) and not only would a MegaMan 2 room make me more likely to want to sleep with a guy. But it's Bubble Man! I love Bubble Man, his level is my all time favourite.

I think this room is beautiful and I am planning my Crash Man room as I type ^_^

Oh! god! this idea is very creative, inspiring people loving megaman to do the same one. and stage bubble man is green and blue that can make me feel happy to living in there.

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