Apr 28 2008Word Clock: But I Never Learned To Read!


If you've been keeping up with Geekologie for a while then you know we've seen a number of different clocks that tell time with words instead of digits. Well designer Hans Tan felt none of those were verbose enough, and thus created the Idea of a Clock II (I've got the feeling someone punched the shit out of Idea of a Clock I and broke it). As you can see it has a whole bunch of words on it, less than half of which have anything to do with the actual time. So you just have to jump to the end to get your fix. Like you people that skip to the end of posts to read the joke and not all this awesome fluff. The clocks are limited edition and you have to contact Hans to get a price quote. Which is code for way too freaking expensive for an LED bulletin board. That said, I'm stealing this idea and making my own damn clock. It's gonna be called Idea of a Laser Clock and it'll basically be a piece of plywood with a laser attached and the following words painted on in bright red:

This is the idea
of a laser clock
that tells you
the time with lasers
at exactly
now a powerful burning laser
is zapping you in the nads.

Makes a great alarm too.

world clock is a little too verbose for me [technabob]

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Reader Comments

The geekologie writer and the goatse man are one and the same

Plywood? Rookie mistake.

Perfect way to start a Monday. I just want to go home and sleep for another 8 hours. Anybody with me? If you are female and with me then I could probably forgo the sleeping in favor of something else....Of course after we would have to sleep as it's a not so well known fact that tryptophan is released into a man's system immediately afterward.

I wish these 'designers' would just masturbate in private like normal people.

Not all men sleep afterward, Scott. Some men feel invigorated and spry. How do I know this? Well, let's just say that I know and leave it at that.

And frankly, when I think of a clock, I think of numbers. Apparently these designers have some sort of aversion to numbers, or something of that nature. Who knows anymore when it comes to these titmouses.

Oh hell SG! You know that I just like sleeping........

I know, Scott, I know. *pats Scott's head* It's okay, go back to sleep now.

Just so smokinggirl is aware, twelve and twenty-nine are numbers. Twelve comes just a little after you're done counting on your fingers. You probably won't need to worry about twenty-nine.

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