Apr 23 2008Spider-Man Tattoo Sadly Lacks Spidey-Sense


This is a wicked Spider-Man inspired tattoo that somebody got. It was made to look like the guy's skin is ripped and he's really Spider-Man underneath. There's a picture after the jump with his arms done in a similar fashion. I would have gone for the full-body suit myself, but that's because I'm what's known in the (call center customer service) biz as "a hardcore emmer effer" (I once told an elderly caller to "put that in your donut cushion and sit on it"). Just kidding, I tried to get a tattoo once but passed out. It wasn't wetting my arm that got to me, it was the "press firmly for 30 seconds" part.

Another picture of Spider Man arms, along with a link to the most ridiculous tattoos ever, after the jump.


Craziest Tattoo I've Seen [emptees] (follow to see a bunch of ridiculously horrible tattoos. Warning: Several penis tattoos. Not on dongs, but rather of dongs. They are MUST SEE.)

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I think it's safe to say his sex life is going to come to a screeching halt, however judging by this he probably never had much of one anyway!


lol @ the big ol hairy pit, I know its natural but for a second I was like, wtf is that?

and that GOOOO as in gewwwwww not go as in speed racer or some shit. My bad.

what a douche

Thats just Nasty, Its like he has permanent wounds or something.

crazy. i can't really tell where the skin ends and where the tattoo begins

That man is never getting laid again unless he mets his tattooed "catwoman" or something.

I'm freaking out, man. And while I love tattoos, this is just weird. As in like freaky, shield-my-eyes kind of weird. *shudders*

"crazy. i can't really tell where the skin ends and where the tattoo begins"

The tattoo begins where the ink is. :rolleyes:

Now that everyone has gotten their "Stupid nerd's never getting sex again LOL" comments out of the way, I'd just like to say WOW. It's not something I'd get, but it looks really good. The quality is very impressive.

Duuuude, that looked like it hurts like a bitch. And yes what a nerd. Spiderman ink, really? Didnt think this throught did we?

But nonetheless kudos to the tatoo artiste. That's impressive artwork right there,

Pretty wicked tattoo... I wouldn't want it but the artwork is smokin'.


I never understood the geeks never getting laid comments.. I pretty much exclusively date geeks; who else would understand, let alone participate in, bi-monthly Settlers tournaments and regular trips to comicons? Of course, this is coming from a girl with LoTR tattoos.

At least it's it's got a little more class than this one:

I like these one:


And if you go to the link in the post YOU HAVE TO LOOK AT THE FIFTH ONE DOWN! ! ! !

Another reason not to deface perfectly good skin.

As a fan of ink (and i have 9 tattoos myself) I have to say, as dumb as i think this tattoo is, it's a personal taste in what you get tattooed. At least he got himself a really good artist, that is very good work, I would love to get this artist to do my memorial piece. The fact that it's hard to determine where the skin ends and that tattoo starts is a compliment. I had to look really close to tell, for a min there I thought the whole chest was tattooed, very good work. Not a spidey fan myself, at least not that big. Did anyone see the new way of tattooing where they remove pieces of your skin? Maybe the writer could find it and post it. Now that's going way further than I ever would.

that tattoo is awesome. and people are stupid to think no girl would like that cause i do. spider-man is cool. But that tattoo is so real looking, it looks a little scary. Props to the tattoo artist.

I only have one tattoo at the moment and it took me over a year to decide what I wanted. I kind of doubt that anyone who gets huge tattoos like this hasn't thought it over. Plus the time involved while getting inked kind of makes it unlikely that the guy hadn't fully thought it over. I would also guess that it wasn't cheap considering how amazing it turned out.

Personally not a big spiderman fan but I think the artist's work is just awesome.

I don't like these particular tattoos but I have to give some respect to them as they are the last suviving members of the Attention Seekers & Stoners of West Indiana Paramilitary E-club. (ASSWIPE) Scrapping windshield diving as a method of forcing people to look at them was a good decision.

anyone else enjoy the mole on the lowest left leg of the spider emblem?

i know i did.


Speaking of tatttoos- I will give someone $100 if they can come up with an idea that I would be willing to get tattooed on me. I want another tattoo- but am having a hard time coming up with what to get.

@21, how about your name and the names of those you love in runes or elvish running down your spine. You can even do your lover/life partner/ ect. ect. and not be cursed with the dreaded "you do that and your relationship is doomed" because you used a different language.

Just an idea, and keep your money. People should be willing to give out ideas/advice for free.

Everyone's saying how cool this tattoo is or how no one will ever have sex with him again. But has anyone mentioned how f***ing dumb this will look when he's 80 and wrinkled and no one remembers Spiderman?

@23- that's pretty much one of the first thoughts that came into my head after the initial "Wow, that's pretty cool" thought. Stuff like this is awesome, but you always have to consider how it'll look when you are older. Still, at least it won't look nearly as bad as some similar tattoos that are on some of the women out there. A guy could get away with a tat like this when he's 80, even if he's not in the greatest of shape, but something like that would look horrible on an 80 year old woman.

The entire idea of this tattoo is flawed.... the costume goes OVER the skin, guy. You'd think somebody willing to go this far for his love of Spiderman would at least have considered that.


Hahahahahahaha..... grossssss

I think the tat is awesome and super hot. It's one of the coolest/most creative tat's I've seen. I'd much rather see that on some guy rather than the same tribal symbol around his upper arm like every other guy alive.

Did you even READ the first sentence of the post?

Let's face it everyone, if any of us were having sex, we'd all be getting laid right now instead of posting comments on geekologie. so, let the man have his tattoo and we'll all go jerk off to some asian porn later.

I'd hit it. I mean, were I drunk, yeah...

I bet this tattoo looks even more hilarious after he lets his chest hair grow back in.

Seriously though, it's one of the best tattoos I've ever seen.

Wow, def not something I'd do, but the concept is cool and the artist did an incredible job.

This insane. Wow. If a guy showed me a tattoo like this, I'd be like damm Peter Parker. That is ridiculously hot.. Well the arms not so much, but the chest.

Wow That's amazing looking. The guy's a complete idiot, but it's a very well-done tattoo. See, this is why they need to come up with some sort of impermanent tattoo ink... something that will last a year or two and you can get it touched up again if you like, but otherwise it'll just fade back to nothing if you grow tired of it. Instead, he's going to have a spider-beer gut and spider-flabby arms at 50-something. I'll I'm saying is, most tattoos = permanent bell bottoms.

This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen and I am a fan of Spiderman. If you like Spiderman that much at least get a tatoo that makes sense, since when does he contain his costume beneath his flesh?!

That has to be the coolest f***ing tattooo I've ever seen.

hope he never gets a tan haha dunno what itd look like then

Well, after having read all the replies, here goes:

The tattoo artist did a phenomenal job, so props to him. The guy who got it probably does get laid, and probably will. There are girls who are into that. Yes it's permanent, unless he used the special ink that was featured on geekologie a while ago, where it reacts to UV light and it gets digested into the body or something, neat stuff (probably would have been best, given the amount of ink used). Those of you who keep saying he keeps his costume under his clothes and not under his skin, c'mon, be smart and creative: it's a tattoo artistically representing him as being spider-man from within or something.

I'd never get one and am not a fan of them, but again, the art is good. He will get laid (if that is your own ultimate goal in life, then you need new goals)...I've seen women with more tattoos than this guy. It'll probably look bad when he's old, but spider-man is timeless.

The tattoo artist did a great job, but the customer picked a lame tattoo.

yeah props to the tattoo artist as this is an amazing job on a huge scale. I've seen a lot of the skin ripping tattos and this is one of the best I've seen. Damn this had to be expensive

body art that's beautiful and creepifying simultaneously.


Ummm...what's with the "that's not how his costume goes, it's stupid" comments? Jeez. How overly nerdy can you get. Lmfao. Like Spiderman is real, so it's insulting unless dude tattooed clothing being ripped instead of skin. *rolls eyes*

Fantastic execution; the artist, whomever s/he is, has technique and realistic shading down pat.

#22 - Elvish? Runes? christ woman clean yourself up.

at least use the real spider-man suit instead of the weird metallic movie one.

wow, it's gonna suck if he gets a tan

So what if it's nerdy? At least it's better than the shitty flash tribal tattoos so many people have.
I'm not much of a Spiderman fan myself but that tattoo is really well done and does look amazing.
I think the chest piece looks better than the sleeve but both are still amazing.


I am SO having this!! I've got a Mortal Kombat tribal on my back, but this tat is way cooler! Wish I had the cash, tho...

this tat is F***ING AMAZING

all you people bashing this are asshats

thats almost a tathree

I agree with what others have said on here....this tat is amazing work! You people who are all like "he'll never get laid again, etc. etc." are f***ing RETARDS. Im almost positive if he went to a dragoncon or comicon he would walk out there with chicks all around him. You guys are f***ing stupid to think just cause someone has a tat of something YOU dont like then that means its a dumb tat. Get your head out of your ass....the point of getting tats is because its a symbol of something YOU like...you dont get a tat cause you wanna impress others...you do it for yourself. You guys callin him the nerd...you are the f***ing nerds. Im about to get a tat...one for the NAVY and one for the game "unreal tournament" (the logo is what Im getting)...why? Cause im sure some of you are thinking "man a video game tat thats gay, etc. etc." Well...I like the game so Im getting a tat to show that....Whats it to ya? Im sure I could make a comment about every tat that you guys have about it being "stupid". So STFU....quit hatin cause his ink is the shit. He'll probably get laid more now than ever.

The ink is sick ......the artist is on point. Id like to get ink maby a red sox tat??

I wonder how it will look when he's age 70. He'll be saggy Spidey then, like the uniform has gotten all stretched out... Ewwww........

I see those skin rip tattoos are cool again. OH WAIT, that's right, they were NEVER cool. What an assclown.

@23 Why would you even worry about what you are going to look like at 80 with tattoos? Who the hell cares, you're a wrinkled up piece of flesh. Let's hope you've actually lived a real life and made it that far.

I think this tattoo totally rocks, despite it being something I wouldn't get. Fantastic work.

I think that this tattoo is really a piece of art! It takes a lot of talent to be able to color anything in that good, especially a tat! I think its sexy

I absoulutly LOVE this tattoo.
I dont care what anybody says and I would deff. get something like that on my arms, back or legs. I Love Spiderman, Awesome work. Its very impressive!!

I love it.

This tattoo is very cool.


i think it's lovely...

don't say he's never getting laid again...i would do him

and i do not have a catwoman tattoo....or anything of the kind....

I've seen a Superman tattoo like this...Although I think it's just the chest, not the arms and all. I personally think it's awesome if it's for you, but there's no way I would ever get something so extensive. To say that he will never get laid is a personal opinion, but some people actually like guys with tattoos, so I could see how this wouldn't be a problem for a lot of women...

alright the guy has a fairly decent body, but i can assume that it's online because his face has been reconstructed to look like peter parker....awesome idea but not something to put across your chest permenantly

the artist is insanely talented.

Ok i seriously want that tattoo and no joke im sure my sex life will sky rockit even though ihave one lol maybe itll just get better

who the f*** is smoking girl what are you 80 u old time hag (Just an idea, and keep your money. People should be willing to give out ideas/advice for free.) shut the f*** up why do you got to post a dumbass comment on everything
yeah i steal smoke weed and cigs and rob ppl the only reason
i post is cuz i stole this laptop from a house and was bored. . . . .

What the hell!!!!!!!!!

This is a terrible tattoo -- the legs aren't in proportion to the abdomen and the tearing 'flesh' looks more like paper. This guy should have found a better artist. This tattoo is mediocre at best.

Two words, people: 'air', 'brush'.

We think that, that is so cool.

But tatoos are actually seriously bad for your skin.

Get a life to the person that got it.

You're so sad.

- If it's fake I'm so sorry.

dude i have to say that tattoo is off the F-ing hook i wish i had that on me

This is some serious shit. The artist is simply insane.
I don't like arms/legs work this much, but the chest thing is fckin' killing me!
I would bend for that guy.
And I'm straight.
Well, mostly.

Thanks for your comments, much appreciated.
And when i'm 80, i'll let you know how it effects me =P

This is a terrible tattoo



OMG, how can anyone not love this? This is incredible!
I am a girl of sound mind and I most definatley would.
The work is amazing, as is the concept and it's such a shame that people have come on here and slated it.
The only thing that is bothering me is that I want to see the face that goes with the body.....
I think you are my dream man lol!!!

this pretty f***king sickk !!! .. i wouldnt get some isht like that but .. its pretty tight .. he's probably gonna get laid right after he got this badass tatt lol ..

Awsome :)

arms and chest arent same tat artist or person :)

first off, the tattoo's real. second, who do you think is gonna be impressed with an 80 year old body anyways? at least he'll have something interesting for the rest of you judgemental f***s to gossip about in the nursing home. and why is it that 80 is ALWAYS that magical age at which a person with tattoos will look ridiculous? what, you look fine with tattoos up until you reach the age of 80 and then all of a sudden it's stupid? why is it that an old person with tattoos is ridiculous but younger people with tattoos are cool? you ain't winning any beauty contests at that age anyways! whether you like his tattoo or not it took alot of blood, sweat, and tears and he's obviously got more balls than most of the haters on here. so what if YOU don't like it? it's for him, not you.

thats gross

how much did this cost you??

i wanna get a batman tatt but i dont know where to get it on my body

all those ppl saying all those nerd jokes and shizzle like that. their nothin but haters.their just mad they didnt think of it first.so to the guy that sweet ass tat. let them hate. cuz haters r good. haters let u know that ur doin wat u need to be doin. ima get a spiderman tat too..not as cool..but cool enough for me.

hello , i m french canadian and i realy need to get in touch with this tattoo artist if anyone can help me, thank i need a good artist for my new project and i will go as far as japan to fin the perfect artist , and this is the style i m looking for..thank

props man.

this gave me the inspiration to get the same kind of tat but superman. and not the full thing, im thinking about just getting the corner done on my left peck..but idk yet. when i get it ill deff post a pic.

but ya dude, idk what a tat has to do with getting laid, or w.e. a bare chest is much uglier then a coloured one. (:

everyone's talking about how he's never getting laid again. i'm a chick and if i met a good looking guy with that tattoo, i fall into bed even faster. that shit is badass!

i love men and this tatoo. touch me

just wanna say dude this shit is off the hook, im definately getting this shit done, props to the artist, and you for thinking of this shit!

lol you're a f*cking moron! you should kill yourself... errr...

I mean you should jump off a really f*cking tall building and shoot a web to the next there spidey!! you can do it!!

good concept.. i was just googling spiderman images, then i saw this i was like no way thats a f***n tattoo!? haha i like the idea but terminator would be way better in my opinion, and what a wierd site but i like it its interesting..

This is a sick tat. F***ing idiot who said "The costumegoes above not under the skin" Lmao. And whoever siad he won't get laid... are you joking? Any f***ing girl would be like "Don't spidey me up baby" ;) Ahahah. Seriously you guys are ridiculous. Open your minds a little, this is creative and really well done. Iw ouldn't get it but props to the guy that did. And who cares how it'll look like when you are old. You're a f***ing wrinkley bitch anyways, no eyes will be on you.

ehh, i think thats the coolest shit ever.
but yeah,
me being me; i would NEVER f*** that guy.
but im sure there are chicks unlike me the dig that kinda shitt,
but if this guy wanna gets married, haha
he gonna be hella old and wrinkly hahaha,

yungin his tattoo go hard fa real

thats pretty cool screw whatever one else thinks that bad ass

haha i love this. but i wouldnt my boyfriend having it

I think it would be awesome if it was just the chest...and if he made it look like you were looking into his chest cavity...not a big fan of spiderman tattoos haha.




I am a huge Spiderman fan myself. I LOVE him. lol i think its funny that people are saying this guy wont get laid, because my first thought was id tottally do him. Thats a wicked tattoo and i love it!

this shit rocks man

this tatt brill to the narrow mindid biggets whats a tat got to do with sex life

i think it looks great whos the tattoist? madshit mate

i actually think this tattoo is siiick. i mean in my personal opinion it would only be sick on someone for a couple of days. like once you realize you have to see that everyday it would be annoying, but a lot of the girls i know who've seen this tattoo think its the siiickest tattoo ever.

he should have just stuck with the chest piece, the arms are too much

ummm... good artwork. suckish tat. sorry

This is the coolest damn tat I've ever seen. I'm actually pretty surprised to find that the sentiment is NOT unanimous. The only reason I wouldn't do this on my own chest is because it's been done now. And it's lame to copy someone else's genius.

This is the coolest damn tat I've ever seen. I'm actually pretty surprised to find that the sentiment is NOT unanimous. The only reason I wouldn't do this on my own chest is because it's been done now. And it's lame to copy someone else's genius.

Thank you!!! I pray for you forever.

This is the coolest damn tat I've ever seen. I'm actually pretty surprised to find that the sentiment is NOT unanimous. The only reason I wouldn't do this on my own chest is because it's been done now. And it's lame to copy someone else's genius.

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Thank you!!! I pray for you forever.

I think it's safe to say his sex life is going to come to a screeching halt, however judging by this he probably never had much of one anyway!

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Love is like a butterfly. It goes where it pleases and it pleases where it goes.

Absolutely fantastic tattoo. The artist did a wonderful job and I think the customer had a fantastic idea and it was carried through really well.

As for all the comments about him never getting laid again.. it might not be your cup of tea, but I highly doubt he'll have any problems.

Creepy. You would have to know what it looks like in real life to recreate it,

I really appreciate your help.Thank you very much!

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It was made to look like the guy's skin is ripped


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shut up u fing nerds yes i admit its a little to excessive but its still good art so move on kids

Everything will be all right,I am behind you.

This is great! Really. I'll make my own little contribution to the list soon

It look so real. Damn kudos to the artist.. Very nice.

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These guys are nuts. Ouch. These guys should have went here before they did this: http://www.costumemachine.com/keyword/spiderman

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I read up to comment 30 and then realized that these were all the same mind set of comments. If you don't like tattoos, why are you responding to a post about tattoos? Everyone is going to look ugly as shit when they are 80 so I never understood the argument of "tattoos look bad when you're old a wrinkly". No shit, everyone looks bad when they're old and wrinkly, its a fact of society.

Being a comic book fan, an art student and a proud tattoo owner myself I can appreciate this piece. I have seen a lot of poor quality tattoos in regard to craftsmanship and I think this one is really well done. My half sleeve cost $1500 and has a high level of detail so I can imagine this piece cost at least $1000 if not $2000. People will always look at tattoos as disgusting or as gang/biker trash or any of these negative stereotypes, but in reality it is for the most part a form of self expression and an interest in art.

Good luck getting laid guys. I know that's a priority on the list right after trolling blogs.

All you ppl saying that its going to look like shit and all wrinkly when he is 80. Well yeah its going to look wrinkly but so is your skin.... I would rather have a sick looking tat like this guy for about 30 years looking good.... How many 80 year old ppl do you see with there shirts off any ways?

Props to the artist and the guy who has the balls to get this.

thats the sweetest fucking tat ever who ever did tht should be working for maimi ink

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Lols.. SpiderMan Clone Saga?

I think its weird too that people say he wont get laid.. my boyfriend hates how much i adore this guys chest XD and the arm thing i never saw till just now and im amazed DX soo amazing!

I think its weird too that people say he wont get laid.. my boyfriend hates how much i adore this guys chest XD and the arm thing i never saw till just now and im amazed DX soo amazing!

Yuuuuuuck !

dude that is so awsome i want the same thing but hom much did it cost

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That tattoo is actually pretty awesome, guys. I know the guy who has it, hes my boyfriend of 3 years today. I love looking at the tattoo. I dont love spiderman as much as he does, but even though, its effin awesome and should make you want to like spiderman more. Obviously he inspires something amazing in people if Dave's picture is still #1 after 3 and a half years.

how many of u HAVE, tattoos, go drop that much money to worship ur body as ur temple as u see fit!!! If ur 80 ur already wrinkly and disgusting!! Who cares if it has tatts!!! Hardcore props to both those parties!!

I think the tatt is amazing i just cant get over how good the job was done i love it :D

I must say the artist did an amazinggg job.. I say this cuz he's my dad. All the haters can kiss my ass cuz the artwork is incredible. The arms and legs don't match up with the chest because they weren't done by the same person. Just a bunch of wannabes.. duh.

hell yah thats my next tattoo

cool tattoos im going to get one

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