Apr 9 2008Watch Only Tells If It's Day Or Night, Has Rusted Looking Bezel, Costs $300,000


Admittedly we've seen some really freaking ridiculous and expensive watches here in the past, but the Day&Night watch from Romain Jerome takes the cake for the least bang for your buck. It has a Tourbillon movement that only tells you if it's day or night. All this for $300,000. Holy sundials, Blindman, that's a ripoff. Yes, it is. And the real sick kicker is that the thing sold out within 48 hours of its release, making it an instant timeless (!!) classic. WTF!? I mean, for only $30 you can call me whenever you want and I'll tell you if it's day or night. Or you could, oh I don't know, open your eyes. I'm downtown right now, and I swear, the first person I see wearing an expensive watch is getting shanked.*

*Shanked is prison-talk for being stabbed with a makeshift knife. In this particular instance, a sharp piece of tailpipe that broke off when I was trying to parallel park.

$300,000 Watch Doesn't Tell Time, But Shows if The Sun is Up [gizmodo]

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I have a watch like that. If you can see it it's daytime. If you can't it's nighttime. Actually it's not a watch at all. It's my mailbox.

Me too. But mine is not a mail box, its a tree.

the reason this watch is so expensive is the rusted part is actual steel from the titanic.

so yah...not really worth it...but.....I dunno

@3. I think that's a different watch. "The Geneva-based company, founded in 2004, also has an order backlog of up to two-and-a-half years for its "Titanic DNA" watch, which is made from steel and coal from the Titanic and can cost as much as $500,000." That's from the reuters page you can trace the link back.

@1, that made me laugh out loud. Thx. :D

Proof there are f***ing idiots out there with more money than brains.

I sometimes use the sun to tell if it's daytime. It's a little harder at night though.

This watch actually sold out because I bought every one of them. Yes, me. My plans are top secret, but here's a hint: It involves 27 hungry Ethiopians, the blueprints to the top secret financial holding facility in Live Free or Die Hard, two hamsters (one live and one dead), and the Sun itself.

Fear me.

haha you people are the funniest f***ing people i have ever encountered. anyone who actually buys one of these pieces of shit should be killed immediately.

I think we are ignoring the actual experience, the hilarity of actually having this thing on, and then being in a social situation.

Now, let's say you just stepped off the Wallypower 118, and you go ashore with this watch on, and hang out in a cafe sipping Irish coffe. When someone comes up to you asking for the time, you could shoot a cool, almost imperceptible glance at the Wally moored offshore, politely check your wrist, and then say "You're alright."

Alternate qualifying replies could include "We're good", "Ahhh, it's late", "We've still got time", and the always popular "When the sun goes down I'll let you know". Admittedly I'm cracking myself up here.

Since there's nothing useful about the watch, if you are mentally "challenged" enough to own it, at least don't miss the point: make it your personal responsibility as wearer to be bearer of creatively crafted useless information, always delivered in ultra James Bond-ian fashion. Let's not forget, you dropped the cool thirty G's and you're not even in hock. Hey, don't it cost you that much per day to fuel your Wally? Maybe you could treat this paperweight as a remote Wally fuel indicator. I'll add "I don't need to stop yet." as another qualified response.

OMFG! I left out the Uber Obvious - if someone asks for the time, the absolute COOLEST gag would be to nonchalantly hold out your wrist so the person can see this piece of shite, and let them TRY AND READ IT FOR THEMSELF!! Then you must of course make eye contact and posture a little quizzical nod, as if to verify they have seen, and are satisfied. When they look again, and again, you must not speak, just keep posturing the "Okay?" move. After several exchanges when it's clear the person cannot tell the time, your expression can then change to subtle embarrassment.

Who's gonna be REAL enough to say "What the f__k is that thing? It makes no sense to me!!"

Aw c'mon, this is too good to waste on the rich. I'm sure there must be a gag watch with a face that looks ... like something ... just not something you can use.

It might be handy in Alaska. :)

i would never buy such a thing, but there is a pretty logical reason for buying them. first of all it is the same a piece of art, because it is the 'idea' that you pay for. in other words, anyone could have come up with it but no one did. sort of like andy warhol's paintings which are basically just photos printed onto a canvas, still people pay a fortune to buy them.
it's because people who are rich want to buy stuff that shows that they are rich: expensive clothes, cars, housing, food etc. it's all just about the status, showing what you are worth in other words. this is the reason why i am absolutely not craving for fame and wealth, it's too pathetic...

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