Apr 22 2008Sure, Why Not?: Shoe Vending Machines


Here at Geekologie we've seen all kinds of different vending machines. We've seen ones that dispense soccer balls, pizzas, people, pot, other drugs, and even small children. Well now we're adding shoes to that list. As someone who has woken up shoeless and in a ditch on the bad side of town several times, so I can attest to the brilliance of footwear vending machines. This particular dispensary is on London's Carnaby Street and spits out Onitsuka Tigers. The machine holds 24 pairs in 6 different sizes (probably no 14's) and each costs an undisclosed number of coconuts. As you can see from the picture, the machine really attracts the chicks, and I'd totally do them all.

UPDATE: Okay, turns out that third chick is actually a dude. I retract my previous statement. I would now only do chicks 1, 2, and 4, despite dude's silky soft hair, capris, and fetching mustachio.

Shoe Vending Machine, Buy Shoes 24/7 [uberreview]

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Reader Comments

You may wanna do 'em all, but the third one in line is a dude...

that whole mustache thing...

I got nuthin!

The well is dry......Must be the ample breasts in the red bra always haunting, haunting my every waking moment and judging by my wet sheets....Umm, OK, forget that last thing.

f***ing faggot i bet you wanna feel his mustache tickling your asshole when hes tossing your salad

you alright spanky? wake up grumpy today? don't worry I'm sure those the empty bed and box of tissues will get you through the rest of the day

Careful, their wooden teeth will give you splinters.

hmm.. you say you've shown vending machines that dispense people and small children? so indirectly you're saying that children aren't people?

"Quote the Raven, Nevermore."

I feel your pain, Scott. I often lay awake at nite, wearing only underwear between my flannel sheets, and I think of...well, my husband, but I still understand your plight.
And yes, I use flannel sheets year-long. Then again, I do keep the house at a balmy 66 degrees at nite. Especially during the summer. God, I hate the heat, I really, really do.

Anyway, the shoe vending thing is ridiculous. That is all.

SG, I think of your husband too. Not in a gay way....In a different way...you know

D'oh! ***********Zing*

Oh Scott. *shakes head* What am I going to do with you?

so..jsut when did the geekologie writer find out he was actually a guy? one wonders...

@10, I believe there are at least two writers that do this blog. One male and one female although I think the female just fills in from time to time. Could be wrong but that's what I get from reading it every day. *Thinks of the many things he could be doing instead* *Nahhh*

SG, I can think of at least 10 things you could do with me (at least 6 of them involve a soft surface, ice cubes and some oil) but after that I have to remove my shoes. And not those cheap vending machine shoes either.

Okay- it seems there is a major flaw with this. Don't most people need to try on their shoes before they buy them??

As ridiculous as this sounds, I could use one right now. My shoe broke, and idk how I'm supposed to walk home.

one major failure with this. how do they know they'll fit their feet? european styles are all over the map with sizing.




lucky that they'll be in japanese sizing then ;-)

With my name being shoes, I approve of this idea, regardless of practicality.

F*** feasibility, let's do stupid things because they're awesome.

ah yes....
more that normal do i find myself shoeless from those infamous after-parties...
now, do they have a machine that sells undergarments ?


This is a total photoshop job. You can tell because the shadows are all wrong.

This is just like that scene from the movie Never Back Down where Chris is taking a whiz in the forest, and his girlfreind gets eaten by a bear.

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Cool idea, London is so beatiful.

that is all well and good but if it doesnt dispense socks as well their poor cute feet will get all hot and sweaty :P

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