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SuperMario Plumber May Have Legal Issues


Some UK plumbing firm thought they'd ramp up their business with video game lovers and name their company SuperMario heating and plumbing. Now I don't know if this has already been resolved, but Nintendo may have something to say about that. To be fair though, at least one of the founders is named Mario. Well, Mariusz "Mario" Gruszka. Hrrm, that's pretty questionable. So yeah, Mariusz may need a new o-ring himself by the time the Nintendo lawyers are through with him.

super mario is really a plumber, really. [technabob]

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  • Alejandra Cocke

    Well, Nintendo has all the right to retain the “branding” in terms of patenting
    and copyrights. Though Super Mario has been an icon since then, using him as a
    real marketing frontline of a non-Nintendo inclined firm is a major no-no. Yeah.
    I hope the management of this company resolves the issue before any legal
    action may take place. Alejandra

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