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Star Wars Fett's Vette Music Video Is Okay

Another Star Wars rap song with music video. I'd heard the song before (by mc chris), but never seen a video (which is made from clips of the movies appropriate for the current lyrics). It helps. But I still can't get past the sound of his voice sometimes and why he's rapping about Fett's Vette. I don't remember any Corvettes in the movies. Is that even what he's talking about? I will admit though, the Vette gets 'em wet is a car for balding middle aged men with subpar dongery money.*

*To any Vette owners out there, I'm just jealous. Not only am I balding and seriously not packing any heat down there, but the transmission dropped out of my Metro and now I'm stuck walking everywhere.


Thanks to Nicole, who moonlights as a bounty hunter herself, for the tip

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