Apr 11 2008Sony Making Picture Frame-Looking TV's


Sony's new line of E4000 LCD's were designed with wall aesthetics in mind.

Sony's pushing its new Picture Frame Mode and four "blend in frame colors" hard as its looks to differentiate the 32- and 40-inch Full HD LCDs (and a wee 26 inch of unspecified, sub-1080p resolution) from the competition. As such, the TVs will display one of six, pre-installed images like Van Gogh's Wheatfield with Cypresses.

Or if pre-loaded pictures aren't your scene you can upload whatever you want. So yeah, pretty looking televisions that blend into the background. Awesome. Just look at the picture, you hardly even notice the TV, right? Actually, where is it? Oh shit -- spotted it. There on the left, next to that chair. Woody looking, nice design.

Sony's Bravia E4000 series is pretty as a picture [engadget]

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Reader Comments

And I so detest the "modern" style.

I think you got it wrong: It's actually there on the right, kind of an hideous orange-looking thing.

Why the hell would I spend $2000 on a picture frame? Anyone else have a guess on how much this thing costs?

Doesn't really count - the pic looks photoshopped to me.

That orange pillow is sweet.

Aside from the fact that Sony LCD's are for sheeple that want to spend way too much because it says Sony on the front, I think it's a terrible idea.

I agree with Mike Brown, where's the shiny reflection of the tv on the floor?

Not only is it photoshopped, it is disastrously photoshopped.

See http://photoshopdisasters.blogspot.com/2008/04/sony-vampire-tv.html for the full version of the above picture.

I'm so stupid, I'd likely sit there and watch someone's family vacation photos for an hour before I went outside to adjust the satellite dish.

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