Apr 7 2008NSFW: Star Wars Rap Song With Movie Clips

This is a rap song made with Star Wars clips. It's NSFW. No nudity or anything, but lots of bad words and heavy sexual innuendo. It made me feel dirty. Which, for a guy who doesn't shower and eats off the floor, is really saying something. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Another tamer Star Wars rap video, along with my favorite Star Wars song (IAM's L'empire Du Cote Obscur) after the jump. Link to the lyrics too, since it's in French.

L'Empire Lyrics


Thanks to Snipmint, who once force-chocked Vader just for the hell of it, for the tip

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smoking that dagobah green go yoda woohoo

Just wow.

That's just AWFUL. And not even funny, just plain BAD. I was hoping they would at least sample the lines from the movie and make a rap with those. But no, they just found any reason to throw around a bunch of F-bombs and references to genitalia. I hope the guys who made this all contract herpes.

I liked the frist two. The second one, I remember back when it was made with drawings instead of movie clips. The third one has neat music but the video is strange...granted they're French, but still, it's just weird.


I don't care how retarded it is, I love it.

It's no Fett's Vette by MC Chris. "My backpack's got jets"

Hey Ryan, you spelled his name wrong. It's mc chris, no capitalizations.

Also mc chris sucks.

That first one is cut off its about a minute longer than that. And These are older than Jesus.

Link for the long first one :


I'm sorry....you guys all fail...
The true star wars rap that was the first and awesomest:


I like it

I can't believe people StarWars people do things like this. I'm embarrassed for human kind

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