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Knife Hooks Let Company Know You're Nuts


Remember all the unusually themed knife blocks from awhile ago? Well in that same vein come these hooks. Each one is a polyurethane and steel hanger that screws into the wall to give the appearance of a knife stuck there. While cool, designer Tianyi Chang is only making 50 of them, and each will go for $50. Needless to say my sweat shop will start manufacturing immediately, and we'll be selling for a lot cheaper. Anyone interested can contact one of my child workers for pricing. Discounts on wholesale orders, no discounts on partsale orders. Any attempt to expose my sweatshop to the authorities will not be tolerated but will likely result in my imprisonment and the subsequent pillaging of my fragile buttocks.

Knife Hooks Keep Up The Trend Of Dangerous Household Items [ohgizmo]

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