Apr 17 2008It's About Time: Massage Pants Are Here!


These are massage pants from the Wenzhou Wonderful Massage Equipment Company. What do they do for you? Well I'll tell you, by copy/pasting the product features.

Product Features: * Built-7 group of super vibration massage, a scientific and rational allocation * Ring far infrared heaters, automatic temperature control, safe and reliable *A variety of massage * Automatic mode * Automatic regularly work 20 minutes * High-performance rechargeable batteries for exclusive use, energy, security

You know, looking at them I could tell they had a scientific and rational allocation of vibration massage. And that makes me really want some. Just a heads up though, I don't think these are technically pants. Because pants are usually longer. These look more like shorts. Shorts that are missing some fabric in the front. You know, so your balls hang out. Wow, these are even awesomer than I first thought. Unfortunately there's a 500 pair minimum order. Anybody want to go halvsies?

Product Page

Thanks to Zachary, who doesn't need massage pants because he's got a harem that does his massaging for him, for the tip

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Reader Comments

haha they are so cool, hopefully they will vibrate so much they can get people to cum. They would sell out instantly. :D

I can get a massage in my pants any time I want without gadgets! Boo-yah!

Are they made in England? In the Queens speak "pants" refers to underpants.

they ARE pants. they're from China. and everybody knows that chinese people are short.

I'd be concerned about the placement of the "Ring far infrared heaters". wouldn't want to get burned down there

Would you like to come to the massage pants party?

If someone wants a massage in their pants, it's called a hand. Either their own or a friends, doesn't matter.

Such laziness.

these would be perfect for casual fridays at work this summer!

"Either their own or a friends, doesn't matter."

If you think "it doesn't matter" either you or your friend is doing it wrong.

WTF there's coverage everywhere except the part that matters!

I Hate pants

I sure hope they're WASHABLE.

"It doesn't matter" is in reference to whomever at the time is giving the massage. It is not a your hand ONLY or your friend ONLY. So again, it doesn't matter as to whom is giving the massage, all that matters is that this can easily be acheived by a hand.

Quick quips should be left to the professionals, i.e. Scott and myself. All other attempts are usually poorly executed. That is all.

I have feature this article on my gaming blog. Just wanted to let you know.


Ah, a sex aid to be used during sex. Neat.

Looks like it is for women.
Why should men spend money on such stuff while he can get a blow job at that cost ?

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This shorts seem really weird and kind of sketchy.

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