Apr 15 2008DIY Security System Is Awesomely Dangerous


I love DIY projects. Especially ones that involve automatic weaponry. So needless to say this one's a hit in my book. Hanif Molavizadeh, an Afghani citizen, rigged up this little security system to keep his home safe from unwelcome guests. If the system's alarm is tripped it dials Hanif's cellphone, which he then uses to talk to the intruders via speaker phone. If that's not enough, he can remotely fire a few rounds from the AK-47. Oh hell yes! During a test run Halif "forgot" to remove the live ammo, and a bullet shot through his window and ricocheted off a neighbor's place. I say "forgot" because I'm pretty confident that was just Mr. Molavizadeh's way of letting the neighbor's know not to f*** with his stuff. Now, not to fire my own assault rifle or anything, but I definitely had the idea of booby-trapping the doors in my house with guns a long time ago. Unfortunately I read a story about how that's illegal. And now I can see why -- I accidentally killed the cat-sitter.

Kalashnikov Equipped Burglar Alarm [uberreview]

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Reader Comments

wow... just...wow.

what a nice place to live

Durka, durka...

What will the signal be?
I'll wave my arms like this. *waves arms frantically*

*waves arms frantically*
That terrorist is trying to get our attention...shoot him.

Hehe...I love 'Team America'.


Who says rednecks only live in America?!

That's amazing how Arabs can understand their own language, haha... its just a bunch of scribbley lines and dots.

i'm urie,s shots of hisry tequillii ta. f*** yeahhsnz!!!

homo1 gris hroyt! but i nndigress. it's just my hgead. i'm coo.d.

ig u hcouoj d holster. hahahah!

whaytevyro... anywagy.

Oh, I already thought that was what the interior of all Afghani homes looked like.

Home Alone 5 ftw

Ummm, not to be horrible or anything, but why would you bother protecting that? The chipped fibre board, cracked paint on the cement and glad wrapped windows wouldn't suggest "RICHES" to any would be robber. All he really needs to protect his home (more than it is already by looking like a disused warehouse) is a beaten up, wheel-less car on the front lawn and for the garden to smell of urine.


Thank Yoouu! Come Again!

this is perfect for where i live. i could think of nothing better than remote activating an AK on the dumb f***s breaking into my house...especially when these stories are in the news daily!


I'll bet it would give that snooty John Douglas Rainey a bit of a challenge.

Matt: OK, now here's John busting the window and *babablababam* OOHHHH! $@#%!!! I guess John's not going to be able to continue with this break in.....

Holy-crap, do you think he'll be featured on the DIY site? Instead of firing a gun, it could be to pull a "pop-bottle" streamer firecracker, or throw theose pop-rocks you get in the twisted up paper. Hmmmmmm.. http://do1t.net

Ok so he made this deadly boobytrap to secure his home, BRILLIANT!!
But just one question, what the hell is he protecting?
Is he afraid someone is going to steal that fine rug??
I dont even think that guy owns a small microwave!!
I mean seriously, that "home" is just a man built cave!

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