Apr 10 2008Boy Builds Homemade 1:2 Scale Panzer Tank


This isn't the first miniature Panzer tank we've featured on Geekologie, but it certainly is the most plywoody one. Kettering University mechanical engineering student Will Foster built the 1:2 scale tank using plywood, a three-cycle diesel engine, and a bunch of other random crap. It has a top speed of 20 MPH and can shoot paintballs, golf balls, and empty Red Bull cans out of its air cannon. Will estimates it's got about $2,000 worth of parts in it, but says he's spent over $10,000 due to the trial-and-error nature of its construction. Let's see, what else? Oh yeah, it's got a sweet "420" painted on the turret in red. Will, you funny little stoner you -- so crafty. Seriously though, I commend you on your ability to finish a project while smoking the chronic. Did I say chronic? I meant schwag (and maybe the occasional beaster). Still, good job -- the only thing I ever made in college when I was high were straight D's.

Video of Will and the tank after the jump, along with a link to the longer article.

Kettering University student Will Foster builds fully operational half-size Panzer tank [mlive]

Thanks to Brandon, who doesn't need a plywood tank because he drives a platinum monster truck, for the tip

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Reader Comments


I think I need a nap.

420 is also Hitler's b-day. Maybe this dude's a neo-nazi??? Well, probably not.

I'd have built two....

....only then will the world learn to fear me....

umm its said alot but unless you can accoutn for the extream shadowing i call photoshop

ha he said beasters!

super geek u puff head!


@4 Click the link and watch the video..... then call photoshop.

all they need now is a little infantry division that shoots bb's at them. they could reenact the battle of mai gai son.

i lost my job because i was watching this video.

Will Foster, you're on my list.

no, seriously. I got the can today, watching this very video. Wanna talk to me about Nazis?

Contact 1-2-1 kanst mich mal. Arsh mallen.

I shall build one, and have it fire fish. Call it 'Fishiekrieg'... or 'Blitzfish'... F***, there's a humorous name somewhere in there...

He wouldn't stand a chance against my Brunton Helios :P

pfffft!! he wouldn't stand a chance against my *lawnmower*.

...but i just noticed that nobody's giving him props for writing "420" on the turret. damn. you guys are slipping.

Pretty cool, i would be interested in these home projects in the future.

Anything that cost $10,000 and made of plywood has got to be well thought out.

Nap + me = spoon


Because the Geekology writer did it first

he better be careful... an M4 sherman is gunna bust through a building screaming "DIE FILTHY KRAUT!"

he should have dildos shoot out of its air canon

I agree, ad like the project, i only wish there was more detailed photos posted or a video showing more of the inner workings, not just an outside view

I really appreciate your help.Thank you very much!

wow. this could scare you nosy neighbors :D
well i say, HEIL!

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