Apr 25 2008Automated Bike Storage In Japan Is Cool, Fast

This is some sort of news report about an underground automated bike storage facility in Tokyo.

For a single-use fee of 100 yen (about $1) or 1,800 yen for a monthly pass, customers roll their bikes onto a platform and use a control panel to have them whisked away to a rack within the 9,400 spot facility. The video shows that it takes the system 23 seconds to retrieve the reporter's bike.

Wow, 23 seconds, that's pretty fast. But not nearly as fast as my bike storage unit, which is the front yard. I just cruise in and jump off, simple as that. See, it's right -- shit. That's it, I'm planning a sting operation. First I'll hide in the bushes, and then I'm gonna steal from the first person that touches my bike. I may take their wallet, but I'm definitely taking their legs -- with a chainsaw. Now if I could just find one of those hockey masks...

Underground Bike Parking in Tokyo [streetsblog]

Thanks to Karina, who I would be more than happy to pedal around on my tandem bike, for the tip

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Reader Comments

this actually pretty cool too. and a great idea. if every neighborhood had one of these, it'd be much easier to find the perfect bike. just break in late at night and find the perfect bike, and you're good to go. how much easier can it get? they're all in once place!


Wasn't this in Monsters Inc., or something?

Wait, no... The Da Vinci Code, right?

You're thinking of 'Monsters Inc." You know, the doors going "swoosh" and then "weeeeeeee" and then "bam" with a little "vroom, vroom" and the "honk, honk".

Sorry, I was posessed by Billy Crystal there for a second. I'm going to go make more coffee...

It is my contention that no one be allowed to ride a bicycle beyond the age of 13. Wasting natural resources is a right not a privilege.

Wait, did I say that correctly? whenever I hear the name Billy Crystal I go all wacky in the mind. Something like the Mary Hart seizures only different.


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