Apr 17 2008Another Kid Gets Stuck In A Claw Machine


Do you remember the story from two years ago where the kid in Wisconsin climbed into a crane game trying to score a free Spongebob? If not here's a link to it, and that's actually a picture of him there. Well folks, it happened again, and this time in Australia in a game called Lucky Dip. Weird I was just talking about my love of crane games yesterday don't you think? Coincidence or superpower? You decide. Anyway, there's a video of the amazing rescue (taking off the side of the machine) after the jump. Although I think that was a little over the top. Not to brag or anything, but I could have snagged the little bugger by the head with a single quarter. Sure it wouldn't have done anything seeing how he's just standing in the prize chute, but it would have taught his parents a valuable lesson. A lesson about not stuffing your child into a vending machine for a "time out".

Video of the action packed after the jump.


Thanks to Avsky, who once won a child in a vending machine, for the tip

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I'm laughing my ass off... Okey, I'm evil.

They should of just called Buster

couldn't they have just gotten they key and taken off the padlock? should have left the kid in there overnight! that would've taught him a lesson. and why did the stupid mother need to be consoled?

Hey, concerned parent here. I don't understand why in the world you guys think this is..........nevermind, it is actually really funny:)

Hey, concerned parent here. I don't understand why in the world you guys think this is..........nevermind, it is actually really funny:)

psh... the prize shute is to the left of the kid... he's not standing in it...

The kid obviously has skill. Maybe it's genetic? They should have given the mother a handful of quarters and let her skill-test her own kid out of the machine.

Nice. The kid obviously has skill, maybe it's genetic? They should have just given the mother a handful of quarters and let her skill-test her own kid out of the machine.

@ 6 In the video the kid is standing in the chute, the picture is not him it's the other kid that i t happend to

HA...hilarious. And as a mother, I can say that I would be laughing my ass off if my spawn pulled this kind of stunt. No cookies and hugs and tears over my poor little monsters stupidity and apparent greed. No, no, nothing but laughter and a humiliating story that I can tell his future date. Plus a swift kick in the pants once removed from the plastic chamber of hilarity.

Am I a horrible parent? Probably...but I'm content with my weaknesses.

I would just throw a monkey in and let them fight to the dea....WHAT! SmokingGirl?!?! You have a kid now?!?!?!

Seems there's a whole lot you just aren't telling me! What are you going to spring on me next, you're married or someth...wait a minn....starting to feel light headed...Auntie Em, Auntie Em...It's a twister!!! Whooooooo....

AVSKY!!! get of the internet and do your homework!

You know, Scott, if you would have clicked on my "name", you would have been taken to my Myspace page. And if you would have gone to my Myspace page, you wouldn't be so shocked to all of these revelations.
Plus you'd see my ample breasts...just saying.

God what a little bastard. He should've been left in there and a hoard of pedophiles should've had a crack of winning a prize.

What the hell, give the poor kid the spongebob toy you miserly bastards.

Imagine they placed this machine outside a fertility/adoption clinic.

hohoho that was in poor taste


That kid...that kid is BACK ON THE ESCALATOR AGAIN!

i would have tried to get him with the crane!

SG, I have clicked on your name but once I saw the ample breasts I really didn't notice anything else. Besides, I have somewhat of an aversion to myspace. I really couldn't get any further to see more pics as I'm not a member (obviously) which was a bit disappointing.

I guess I prefer shocking disappointments to informed down easies. What the hell is a down easy?

khomagoh uleh! I'm on channel 9 regional news! I'm famous! I'm puttin Broadmeadow on the map cuz.

Parenting Fail

No shit, this machine is near where I live.

If you walk 20 minutes, hop on a train, then walk to the shop its located in. Its on the other side though, so you've gotta go across the store and its down a side alley between two shops and near an exit to the parking lot.

Ever wonder why I never used the cunt? Also everyone in Broadmeadows smells. Its where I go after a few days of not showering to feel good about myself. You know, instead of showering.

The joke's on this young lad, for with a flip of a switch, the device turns into an oven!

how did he get in ???

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