Apr 24 2008A Vision Of The Future: Robots With Lasers


These Kondo KHR-1HV robots are all rocking lasers for a world domination training exercise poorly disguised as the Blazer robot tournament in Fukuoka City, Japan. The little guys ran around shooting each other and pew-pewing to their mechanical heart's content in a little mock-up city made just for them. Whoever thought that this would be a good idea was wrong. The little bastards are going to kill us all. I mean, these people are indirectly training our future overlords by allowing them to play these war games. I guess what I'm getting at is that I've built a hidden shelter beneath my tool shed in the back yard and I'm looking for several attractive young ladies to join me. I am now officially accepting applications. But no funny stuff! Namely scrunching your penis up behind you so it looks like you don't have one. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice a week for the entire duration of a five month relationship and I am freaking scarred for life. Thanks a lot.

VIDEO of the little guys duking it out laser style after the jump.

Blaser tournament unwisely fits Japanese robots with lasers -- PEW PEW [engadget]

Thanks to Ryan, a master in the art of killing robots, for the tip

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Reader Comments

those robots should kill those idiots with the remote controls.

Between these little bastards and the collider that's going to turn the planet into either a gaping hole or a lump of turd, things aren't looking so hot for humanity. What happened to the good ole days when science was about making monkeys fly and pee taste like Kool-Aid?

I'll take a pair for my trip to Australia. I plan to let them loose on the runway to watch the stars for their brethren.

Again, I am so tired of robot posts...

And welcome to the Robot Jungle, baby, we're all gonna dieeeeeeeee!

stop it, robots are not taking over the world... not anytime soon anyway.

I knew it! f*** the zap guns, im switching to plan B! *hides in the fetal position with thumb in mouth*

Is there a coalition of mad scientists out there simultaneously working on a "Robots That Will Mess Humanity's Sh*t Up" project or something? All I need now is joint war games between these laser robots, robotic BigDog and Robokiyu to make my own human mess in my pants.

lol reminds me of the Robot Apocalypse on Attack of the Show.

Have we not learned from Terminator folks???

These kids and their fetish for killer robots...
I think it's time to assume my purpose in life...
who wants to join my anti-robot guerilla?!

We all know that the only robots we want are the sexuuuaaal variety. And by sexuuuaaal I mean....uh, sexual I guess.

Hmm, that was anticlimactic! Although with sexual robots it could be climactic if you know what I mean and I think you do.

and she's from Belgium awesome!

Im seriously going to take a one way trip over there and kill these assholes and their families for ever coming up with an idea so stupid this is worse than canceling The Simpons except the world is actually gonna end those who support me and e-mail im going to carry out this mission one day before they are set to use it.

Heh, I like the one robot who's "dodging bullets" that's neat.


How do i get to know when the furture stuff is comeing out ?them are good looking furture stuff i think it about time for some of the people get to buy some of it.

I dont need your bunker, I allready have for a zombie apocays, it has 4 escape tunels, 20 beds and a soler powered EMP emiter (dont wory the EMP is on the outside and the bunkers outer layer is lead inner layer titaniam and 70s rug)

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